By NBF News

Right from creation, God intended that heterosexuality should be the natural order of affection between man and woman. But increasingly, society is witnessing acts of depravity that would make 18th and 19th century people turn in their graves.

The attitude of people to morality and decency continues to fall daily, so much that homosexuality and its 'twin sister' lesbianism are now being glamourised by Hollywood. Even Nigeria's Nollywood is beginning to ape its Los Angeles 'elder brother' by promoting home video productions based on homosexuality and lesbianism.

A variant of this unnatural affection is bisexuality, which Wikipedia describes as 'sexual behavior or orientation involving physical and/or romantic attraction to both males and females especially in regards to men and women.' Bisexuality is one of the three main classifications of sexual orientations. The others, as noted earlier, being heterosexuality and homosexuality. Bisexuality is a situation where a person could easily engage in sexual relationship with either a man or a woman.

In the face of the growing incidence of homosexuality, what should a woman do if she catches her husband engaged in sexual act with another man in her home? In this interview, some women bare their minds on this troubling question. Excerpts….

Chinyere Ekwuozor, IT instructor
I will be shocked aside the fact that the whole thing is irritating but the irritation will be more than the shock. I may even vomit because I'd conclude that he is sick and abnormal and that he should go for deliverance. The idea of having sex with him is out of it and divorce is out of it because of the way I was brought up as a Christian but I will live separate from him if I can't bear it.

Ronke Ajayi, counselor and businesswoman
Ha! If I get you correctly, I will express shock and this will make me as well as him realize that he needs help and I will try to make him know he needs this help urgently. His attitude after that will determine my next step

Madam Ebere Odinaka, wife
Ha! It is not good but evil because God condemns it. As for my reaction, I don't know what it will be but I know that I will be mad at him. I don't pray such happens but if he apologises and explains the reason why he was involved in it because I can't tell why people do such kind of thing, I will forgive him.

Felicia (aka Chinese), nurse
What does that mean? It is animalistic in behavior; why would a man do such? I will feel surprised and ask him why he prefers to do it with a fellow man or is it because there are no more women? Because I can't just imagine but then I don't have feelings for things like that and I am not the jealous type because if I have caught my man with another women why would I? Why would I separate from a man I truly love? On the other hand, I will advise him the consequence of such romance from a fellow man is sin and one that can easily destroy him; it is about the eternity and also because God made.

Folashade Ogun
God forbid! The thought of it is unthinkable. Does such thing exist in our society? I don't think so and don't want to imagine such.

Lilly Adiogu
As a Christian, I find that absolutely detestable. It's what the bible calls unnatural affection. Yes, Hollywood may be glamourising it, but you know that the devil is the father of all liars. I believe in the chastity of marriage. Marriage is not a little journey.

In the matter of marriage, I am accountable to God. It's easy to take a walk when such act is discovered. In sincerity, I will feel somehow whenever he tries to touch me; I just won't be in the right frame of mind. I will also pray earnestly about it. I will make every effort to know why he did it. Given that we are married, I would preach Christ to him. I will do anything within my power as a person and as a Christian to make him desist from that lifestyle.

But if he feels he wants to continue with that sordid lifestyle, I will let him live his life. I will not divorce him. I strongly believe that people come into our lives for a purpose. I believe I have a responsibility to that person. I know God would answer my prayers concerning him.