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Nigerian Breweries expands brand equity with Alero’s Symphony

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Nigerian Breweries Plc., the manufacturers of Amstel Malta, Nigeria's leading low sugar malt drink has expanded its brand profile with the premier of the Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO 5) Blockbuster movie titled Alero's Symphony. The movie was premiered Thursday at the prestigious Genesis Deluxe Cinemas of The Palms Shopping Mall in Lagos.

The movie shot on location in Lagos stars Ivie Okujaye, winner of the last edition of the AMBO reality TV show and music star Faze as lead characters in the blockbuster movie. Alero's Symphony is set in contemporary Lagos and combines a dramatic love story intertwined with the pulsating beats of the Nigerian hip-hop genre

Speaking at the premiere event, the Marketing Director, Nigerian Breweries, Jacco Van Der Linden said that the movie provides the teeming youths in Nigeria a platform to express themselves and discover their talents. “The movie is a must watch. It is a testimonial to the horde of talents there are in the country. I have no doubt that this movie is a welcome development in Nollywood. It was directed and produced by the best in the industry and has proven to be a good platform to introduce new talents into Nollywood.”

The AMBO platform is said to help the brand to remain top in the mind of the consumers as well as sustain the Amstel Malta brand visibility and enhance its voice in the market place. Amstel Malta is also said to be a great brand that brings out the best in the consumers and all that come in contact with the brand.

In the movie storyline Alero, the twin daughter of an affluent family, is a top law student who is expected to graduate with honors and thereafter join her father's prestigious law chambers. However her passion and heart is really set on being a singer, a desire she carefully hides from her parents. During an Easter vacation break, Alero comes across a lowly waiter/fisherman named Lovechild who also happens to be a talented musician.

Though from different sides of the divide in terms of class, education and social status, Alero and Lovechild found their common love for singing - a bond that bound them professionally at first and then romantically.

She finally confessed to her father that, she has strong desires to pursue a career as a singer rather than as a lawyer. An indignant Dr. Coker gave his daughter an ultimatum; dump Lovechild, her music ambition and focus on her legal career or risk his wrath. She decided, albeit reluctantly and for the sake of peace, to follow her father's orders. But, can Alero succeed in forsaking the cravings of her heart?

The new movie is novel- the first movie of its kind in Nigeria. A preview of the film reveals an excellent production based on a well-written script and superb performances by the best from Nollywood.

The AMBO 5 winner, Ivie Okujaye, is a 24-year old graduate of Economics from the University of Abuja. She won the fifth and last edition of the Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO) in 2009. Ivie loves singing, dancing, script writing, playing basketball and football and nurtures the ambition of becoming a successful actress in Nollywood.