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Hi Nelson and readers,
If anyone is interested please respond to Nelson directly.

I am always touched by the good advice you give through your Sunday Sun column. I just don't miss it every Sunday. Please keep it. I am a 28-year civil servant and a graduate. I have been in relationship in the past, but the ladies were not faithful. I have been looking for a person that will be always faithful. My concern has been that my heart was broken in the past relationships. This made reluctant to get into relationships again for years. But ever since I started reading your column, it has changed my perception about male-female affairs. I was particularly moved by Robert's story, which you published on 20/3/11. Even though he didn't say his state of origin, I sense his desire for faithfulness like me. I really would like to link up with him.

Also, I want to specifically comment on the remark he made when he said that you would reach more people if you are on radio. Though you don't reside in Nigeria, it is still possible for you to start a radio programme. You really should conduct a feasibility study and discuss with radio station owners. Thank you.

Hello Rosaline,
Thanks for your letter and especially for your vote of confidence. I like your

idea about taping shows for the radio in advance and broadcasting at a later

date. I will check out radio stations in Nigeria to see who might be interested. Nice one Rosaline-thanks!!

Regarding your failed relationships due to infidelity, it appears that you have

been seeking love at all costs. Love should be reciprocated; no need being in a relationship where you are the one giving and the other person is just taking. I am glad that you have recognized this trend in your past relationships and that you are determined to come out of that rut.

With respect to the Robert story of 3/27/11, I hope it works out for you.

Hopefully he will read this piece and get in touch with you. Let us know if this happens.

Take care and God bless,
Thank you for the meticulous manner you handle issues. I am a 24-year old

graduate. All these years, I have never had a girl friend. I isolated myself

from ladies in my school days. Some of my friends termed me frigid while the ladies said I might be gay. Though I was at crossroads at a point, but I was determined and often cried to God to keep me and see me through. I now desire a lady but not for the sake of it. I do not want to enter a 'trial train'. I am deeply God fearing. Rather than have a violent relationship or a broken home, I will rather remain celibate. Am from a broken home but I vowed never to have same. Please if you know any God fearing and artless lady, link me with her or any interested lady should mail me on [email protected]

Thank you
Dear readers,
This is another one of the 'link me up' letters. You know what to do if you are interested.

Hello Njigirl,
Big Kudos! Thank you so much for your efforts to provide solutions to the problems people face in their relationships. I am a 35-year old bachelor and a graduate. I read a column last week, which featured a 23-year old virgin lady. I was really amazed by her disclosure. If Victory is interested in me she can e-mail at this address: [email protected] or call 08033178425, I'm saying this because it was such a circumstance decision that kept me long to remained a bachelor till today and l thought Victory is the kind of woman I would like to marry.

The ball is in your court. Femi is interested, are you?

Hi Njigirl,
I always been fascinated by the way you solve your reader's problems in the Sunday Sun. Concerning Victory who is looking for a virgin man. I am 27 years and still a virgin. I have degree in English language from University of Ibadan. My Facebook ID is OLORUNSOLA TOLU.

Woo! Victory is hotter than a pot of boiling water! Go for it girl!!!! Please

note that Victory will reply only to you if she is interested.

After reading your suggestions on Heart Clinic column of the Sun newspaper, I must say that you are doing a great job in alleviating some of the psychological problems of the people. Kudos.

I am a student of one of the universities in the eastern part of Nigeria. I am 20 years old. I met this girl on Facebook and we are now in a relationship. She is a prospective student of my school. She stays in the western part of Nigeria while I reside in the south south. We havenever met in person though we call each other regularly. It will be about seven months before we will be able to meet in person.

I am afraid that within the period she might decide to go with somebody else and might even fall in love with person. Though she is not physically close to me, I have promised to wait for her and she also promised to wait for me. I am just scared of losing her due to distance because I love her. She is the first girl I have ever asked to go out with me. What can I do?

Is there a specific reason that your first meeting will occur in 7 months? Can

you push it forward? If not, then you just have to intensify your efforts in keeping her interested. If you play your cards right, she will wait for you. You see, anticipation of what is to come is one way of ensuring that interests are kept up. What you need to do is to keep calling her on the phone in the evening when she is about to retire for the evening. Make this a routine call to ask her how her day was. By so doing you will be demonstrating that you care for her wellbeing. Make sure that you have a sense of humor so that you can make her laugh a little before she falls asleep. The thoughts of you will be in her mind as she drifts off to sleep. If you can, buy her small meaningful gifts and send to her by mail. For instance it could be a book that she will use for college or a nice inexpensive pen. Make sure that you buy inexpensive things at this time as you do not want her to be offended or get the wrong ideas about you. Write letters by h and and mail them to her. Nothing is sweeter than reading from an interested man; it says to the woman that you have time for her. Do these small things and she will wait for you to drive her to a land of no return in 7 months.

Dear sister well done for the good work you have being doing. Please l wrote in but l have not heard from you, I once dated a girl, and she was the first girl I ever meet, Due to my respect for God and the vow I made to Him we never had sex preferring to hold on till after marriage, but as God may have it she got married to another person, but even at that we still talk and love each other. She even planned to come to my house. Please what do I do to cut off this link because l don't want anything that will bring problem to her marriage, or is it advisable that l become their family friend?

Secondly, help me tell Victory that she is not alone. I am 27 years, but I don't have a girlfriend. It is not that l don't have what it takes but I don't want to be involved in sex because my virginity is my pride. I am only waiting for God to give me my wife. Victory should stand on her decision to honour God.

Thanks for writing. Let us get straight to the point here. This ex-girl of yours

is now married to someone else. Why is she coming to visit you? Are you crazy? Please do not encourage her to come because invariably, you must bed her and this will cause numerous problems for you, for her and for her marriage. Please do not do it!

The letter from Victory has attracted a lot of attention. I hope that she reads

this so that she can write you.
Dear Njigirl,
First, let me thank you for your useful advice to people. I am 25 years old. I reside in Lagos. I am a businessman. I need a girl within the age bracket 18 to 22 for a serious relationship. My contact address [email protected] or

Any interested person will write you or call you based on the information you have above.