Obateru Akinruntan Brothers At War Over Father’s Empire

Source: Bola Dauda - Nigeriafilms.com
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The news quietly filtering into town is that, the Akinruntan borthers- Yomiand Femi are at war.The two siblings are half brothers and eldest of children of their mothers.The princes their father, Oil magnate Obateru Akinruntan is now a king inUgboland, Ondo state- are said to be quarrelling over control of theirfather's businesses.This is said to be via influence being wielded in strategic areas of operations and among their father's confidantes.

The fight is alleged to be polarising the family by virtue of theirpositions.Siblings of the same mother and their faithful are said to be quietly sidingwith one another.But the man said to be having the upper hand, the younger of the brothers,Prince Femi Obateru has described the story as 'a fallacy that should bedisregarded by all'Insiders however insist that it should be expected- that the combatantswould do all possible to keep the squabble for control within the fold ofthe family in order not to incur the ire of their father and patriarch ofthe family- King Akinruntan.