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Where Was PDP In Lagos?

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Yesterday in Lagos, two days after the National Assembly elections, the Chairman of PDP Lagos State Mr. Setonji Koshoedo called a Press Conference where he raised some spurious but very stupid and childish allegations that ACN Lagos rigged the elections. The bad losers said ACN used money to induce Obas in Lagos to convert their palaces to polling booths where elections were rigged. He also claimed that ACN used money to induce voters to vote for the Party.

  There are other unsubstantiated and laughable accusations made against our great Party which time and space will not permit me to mention here but the truth of the matter is that PDP is finished not only in Lagos but the whole of the politically vibrant but sophisticated South West Nigeria. PDP can shout from the roof top that they were cheated out of Lagos in April 9 2011 but what can they say about other States in the South West? My honest take here is that the PDP Chairman is making some noise so that President Jonathan will not accuse them of collecting money for campaigns without anything to show for it. PDP Lagos is only trying to be smart by half having pocketed the campaign funds given to them knowing fully well that they are treading the familiar road- the road to nowhere, the road to failure.    

  Now can PDP Lagos in all honesty tell the world that they are prepared for the elections? Can PDP in all honesty tell the world that they have serious plans to unseat ACN in Lagos ? Can PDP tell the world what they did in Ondo, Ekiti, Osun, Oyo and Ogun States for nearly 8 years in power to justify their quest to rule the sophisticated Lagos ? Have they been able to settle the rift and internal contradictions that have been the hallmark of Lagos PDP for 12 years now? Have they been able to do away with political criminals and killers in their fold to make way for new faces to emerge to salvage the dying Party? Did we not see PDP celebrating a jail bird, Chief Bode George when millions of Nigerians are still suffering from the insensitivity and profligacy of the useless Party and its followers? What has PDP controlled federal government done in Lagos for 12 years to justify their quest for power? What has Setonji's PDP done in Lagos with huge revenue it collects from the Lagos Ports and VAT in the past 12 years? Do these irredeemable Court Jesters and booth lickers in Lagos PDP have the capability and capacity to handle the huge demands of the office in Lagos ? I can go on and on but there is no need to do so because Lagos PDP knows the truth. And the truth is that if PDP is still dreaming of presiding over the affairs of Lagos in no too distant future, I want to say that they did not know when the train left the station. A Party that cannot transform Nigeria in the past 12 years with 52% of our entire revenue in their kitty cannot just get it right?    

  Now, I want Lagos PDP to answer these questions: Where was Lagos PDP when Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu they are abusing today was laying the foundation for what we are all witnessing today? Where was Lagos PDP when former president Obasanjo (a Yoruba son) seized Lagos Local Government funds for almost two years? Where was PDP when the former Minister for Works Chief Adeseye Ogunlewe used PDP thugs in the name of FERMA to main and kill LASTMA and KAI personnels in Lagos ? Where was Lagos PDP when Obasanjo, a son of the soil declared war on Yoruba leaders led by the late Senator Abraham Adesanya? Where was Lagos PDP when Lagos was neglected for 12 years in a democracy? Where was PDP?       In 2007, his Excellency Governor Fashola took over from the Governor Emeritus Bola Ahmed Tinubu to begin the massive transformation we are seeing today. So if today Lagosians are in love with ACN, it is because they have never had it so good. What happened on Saturday April 9 2011 is just a way of saying thank you to the duo, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Governor Fashola for taking Lagos to the next level. PDP may not know that work praises a man.       Under Fashola, Lagosians and other Nigerians have seen that we have leaders who can hold their heads high anywhere in the world. Lagosians and other Nigerians have seen that Nigeria may not be a hopeless and basket case after all because standards of leadership have been set in Lagos . Even members of Setonji's PDP acknowledged the obvious and painful fact that Fashola is working and Lagos is working. Critical stakeholders in Lagos have admitted that Lagos is the most secured State in Nigeria . They have also admitted that Lagos is now the cleanest State in Nigeria .       They are also in agreement that there is massive transformation going on in Lagos with world class roads and massive drains springing up from all over Lagos .   Under Fashola, Lagos has become a reference point for other Nigerian Leaders who want to make the difference.   Even PDP Governors of Plateau and Niger States are not left out in joining other Nigerians to celebrate Governor Fashola. Governor David Jang of Plateau says Governor Fashola is the number one Governor in Nigeria .   Governor Aliyu Babangida a PDP Governor in Niger State told Setonji and his co-travelers to forget about capturing Lagos because Governor Fashola has dazed them with resounding performance.       Even President Goodluck Jonathan is not left out.   He has on several occasions admitted that Fashola is a Governor to watch.   Where do I begin? Where do I stop?   Time will fail me to begin to recount what the likes of Abubakar Umar, Duro Onabule, Ambasador MT Mbu, Emeka Anyaoku, Oyo State Commissioner for Environment Alhaji Mukaila Aborode, Professor Jude Osuntokun, Dr Rasheed Ojikutu of Unilag, Dr Okey Ndibe, Dr Christopher Kolade, Asorobi Murtala etc. said about Fashola's engagements in Lagos.   Now listen to Dr. Rasheed Ojikutu of Unilag ; 'By any known standard and irrespective of the opinion of the opponents of the administration, the BRT is one of the best things that could happen to Lagos State and any state in Nigeria for that matter and it takes a visionary leader and one who is committed to the well-being of the citizenry to initiate such lofty programme.' For Professor Jide Osuntokun; 'I have been impressed by the prodigious energy and tenacity with which Tunde Fashola has been tackling the problems of Lagos .   Thank God he is a huge and young person and the right person for the arduous task of running the affairs of Lagos after a solid foundation of Tinubu years.'  

  Please take time again to hear Dr Okey Ndibe; 'Nigeria was not an exclusively sorrowful narrative, thank God.   Throughout the four days I spent in Lagos , I had a heady time catching up with friends.   I was impressed by the ambitious road projects going on in different parts of the Lagos Metropolis.   One could hardly recognize the Ozumba Mbadiwe street in Victoria Island, a perennially gutted street which has been transformed unto one of the best roads I have seen anywhere in Nigeria.   Gov. Fashola commitment to rehabilitate the city roads showcases what can happen when a politician is armed with a purpose.'       ACN does not need to rig elections in Lagos to retain in power.   We do not need to share money like PDP to win supporters to our side.   Lagosians are paying ACN for not letting them down like the national monster and predator called PDP in times of need.   Lagosians made a statement on Saturday April 9, 2011 that they know a performing Governor when they see one.   The spoke with their votes to tell other Nigerians that there is hope for Nigeria .   Today, as I write the people of Ogun and Oyo States are gearing up to join the race to the promise land.   The train taking us to the promise land is already on the move, and those who fail to join the already moving train will have themselves to blame. Case rested!       Joe Igbokwe   ACN Publicity Secretary   Lagos State