Touching Tributes To Chidinma Mbalaso (RIP)

Source: Bolanle Okhiria, Chinwe Hilda Ukadike, Elizabeth Era, Abidemi Jolayemi and Rita Isokhen Igbinedio -
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Some Koko Mansion stars pour out their hearts in this touching tribute to their friend Chidinma who passed on, aged 22, on March 25.

Chinwe Hilda Ukadike

Chidinma was her name and just like the name, God was good to her. She touched every life that she came across, she tried so hard to please everyone, she never held grievance, she was a shining star who will forever glow in our heart. I'm so glad i met her. We will miss you dearly Snowie but I know you are resting in the Lord's bossom. You'll live on through us and we love you dearly. You were a sister to me. Adieu my friend.

Elizabeth Era

We have lost a rare gem to the cold arms of death! I keep asking these questions without getting answers; why do we loose the good ones so early? The beautiful ones so fast? and those with huge dreams and aspirations withdrawn faster from the race?! Chidinma, though you are gone from amongst us physically, you will forever remain in our hearts, your presence is still very much with us! The most beautiful KOKOLETTE in the mansion! I will miss you, we will miss you! I can never forget those nights we stay up late together in the kitchen and under the stairs in the mansion, discussing about what we truly and really want for ourselves in future and the world outside the mansion! How you looked me in the eye and told me am a big sister to you in the mansion, those times you taught me some dance steps…your memories will never leave me! I miss you my friend, my sister! Adieu Chidinma Mbalaso! a.k.a Snowie!

Abidemi Jolayemi

It took me a long time to believe! You are gone so soon. Your death came as a shock, it was least expected at this time, but God's ways are not our ways. May your soul rest in perfect peace!

Rita Isokhen Igbinedion

The loss of a friend breaks a heart. You have loved and given me a friendship that is worth remembering. It breaks my heart to know that I will never see you again. Yet I can't regret the gift of friendship you gave me. You will never be forgotten. Thank you for being a part of my life. You will surely be missed.

Bolanle Okhria

Lived with you for close to 2months in kokomansion but now that I think about it, it feels like 2years. So sad you had to leave this way and wayyy too soon! Thanx for attending my birthday last year, I'm forever grateful and I know that some day in the future we will meet to part no more…Rest in Peace in the Lord's bossom Snowwie! Ms Bee.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Mbalaso will be laid to rest in her home town Amiyi, Ahaba-Imenyi, Isuikwuato LGA, Abia State, on Wednesday April 13, 2011.