Actress Uche Iwuji 19Weeks Pregnant For Married Lover!.

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....Father Of Unborn Child Married To A European!

The actress who just graduated from creative arts at the university of lagos after almost a decade is nineteen months pregnant according to close olofofos.

''she is pregnant and hiding it that is why she only wears boubou and tunics now to shield her growing tummy from prying eyes until she can leave naija to europe where she plans to stay until she births the child.

The actress has just acquired a german visa and is making plans to travel.she is avoidng any questions which has to do with her sudden wieght gain.

Father of the unborn baby is called Raphael and he resides in spain.he visited Nigeria in 2010 and spent sometime and uche was all over the place with him and even went shopping with his mother and his younger sister who recently got married.''

The olofofos who whispered to me say''there is a hitch however with uches new state and although Raphael is madly in love with her and wants her to keep the baby, he is already married to a european woman to get his papers and he has begged the actress to give him time to work out a plan''.

Motherhood rocks so someone should please help me tell uche to come out of the closet and rock her pregnancy....I really dont understand what the hiding is all about,shes an adult and they were both consenting to having sex,right?

Somebody please help me beg uche to come out of the closet and rock her pregnancy,because not every woman is fortunate to fall pregnant!

Wish her luck in her endeavours!

Ehen abeg,if she is 19weeks pregnant as of friday April 1,2011 when is her expected delivery date?