What women love about men’s style

Source: Yemisi Suleiman - Nigeriafilms.com
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There are certain qualities in men that women absolutely love, one of such quality is having good dress sense. Women typically prefer a man who looks as if he just stepped out of GQ magazine, the often overlooked neat and conservative fellow. However, these neat and conservative dressers are often over-shadowed by the millions of men who commit fashion crimes on a daily basis. Wrong socks with dress suits, ill-fitted suits, and mis-matched or over-coordinated apparel are just a few of the fashion mistakes men make.

In the midst of all these fashion mishaps, some men have, over time, built a sense of fashion that is commendable and loved by women and even men too.

We bring you 10 Nigerian men who are doing well in their fields and are also ruling the fashion world with their dress sense. One thing these men have in common is that they love fashion and have good sense of dressing.

Women blessed with such companions are bound to flaunt their mates to colleagues, relatives and even neighbours. Women have this need to look their best. And, they can't look their best without an equally good-looking and dashing mate by their side.

Dare Art Alade

The good looking singer is always well put together.

Wole Aboderin

The property and estate management expert and a Lagos socialite, Aboderin has good dress sense and always comes out with a total package whenever seen at social circuits; from his shirts to shades and wrist watch.

Korede Roberts

The esteemed owner of Fusion Boutique on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, is a killer dresser and loved for his impeccable taste in shirts and shoes.

Ohimai Atafo

Style and fashion consultant, Mai is not exactly a power dresser but he definitely understands what style is all about. He is always on point whenever spotted at events. He is loved for his collection of structured shoes and belt.

Ojukwu Onwuzuruike

Lagos socialite and owner of Wardrobe Boutique on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Onwuzuruike is a consummate dresser and is known to wear one of the most expensive T-shirts around – the Billionaires T-shirt which cost between 150,000 to 270,000 naira.

Desmond Elliot

Nollywood's most loved male actor. A good dresser, Desmond is not known to compromise on his fashion style. He is known to make fashion statements at any outing he finds himself. He is loved for his acting prowess, good looks and well tailored suits and overall clean look.

D Banj

This performer sure knows how to dress to impress and often puts other male musicians to shame with his impeccable taste in clothes and high fashion IQ. With over 250 pairs of shoes, D Banj is also a collector of wrist watches and sunshades. This is just one of the many reasons why women love D'Banj.

Eyimofe Atake

A lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN). From his suit to his shoes and shades, Atake is no doubt a powerful dresser by all standards. Known and loved for his well-cut and fitted suits and unique style, he has won several awards in the fashion circle at different times as style man of the year. He is also loved for his powerful collection of shirts and designer sunglasses.

Kodjo Williams

This former NFA boss is a powerful dresser. Though not inclined towards this generation anymore, Kodjo understands what style is all about. He is loved for his astute taste in shoes and belts.

Paddy Adenuga

One of the directors at Globacom Nigeria, Paddy has an impeccable dress sense and is known for his passion for gray suits.