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Never in the history of Nigeria’s democratic experience have we ever witnessed such a violent party like the CPC. This is a party that is barley four months old in existent but caused more violence than any other party in the history of Nigerian democracy. CPC was registered by INEC in November 2010. Apart from the fact that it lacks internal democracy as was witnessed during all its primary elections in all the states especially in the North, its presidential candidate and his running mate have been preaching violence wherever they have gone to campaign.

Listen to General Buhari to his wild and unruly supporters, ‘lynch other voters and protect your votes.’ On his own part, Pastor Tunde Bakare is threatening brimstone and fire that it is going to be ‘wild’ ‘wild’ North if the election is rigged. Unfortunately for the Nigerian masses, Pastor Tunde Bakare has confirmed that his family has been living in America since 2000. Who is going to start the ‘wild’ ‘wild’ North for him then as his family is in America? It is like they are aware they will lose the election already that is why they are making every effort to cause commotion and chaos so that they blame the government and the police as usual. Otherwise what is the essence of General Buhari urging his supporters to stay at the polling station to protect their votes? The police have promised to deploy two policemen per each polling unit, is that not enough? What will happen if all the other voters will malinger around the polling booth to protect their votes as well? The situation will become chaotic and riotous. General Buhari, power comes from Allah and he gives it to whosoever he wants.

From all the confusion and the entire chaotic situation in the CPC, it can safely be said that all the problems that were in ANPP were caused by General Buhari his agents. Since he left ANPP there has been peace and orderliness in that party.

General Buhari, please preach national unity and not violence.

Even your supporters on the internet are more violent that those that are physical. Kai CPC, So so Violence everywhere.

Audu Garba Girei writes from Jimeta Yola.

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