Group To Bukola: Appease Oloye Before It's Too Late

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SAN FRANCISCO, MARCH 26, (THEWILL) - Kwara State Governor, Dr. Bukola Saraki has been advised to reconcile with his father Dr. Olusola Saraki (Oloye), in the face of the lingering rift between them that has subjected the father to both physical and psychological torture leading to his shedding tears at campaign grounds.

Governor Bukola Saraki has for sometime engaged his father in a battle of wits over his decision back daughter Senator Gbemi Saraki as his successor for the Kwara State Governorship.

A Yoruba social cultural group, Yoruba Cultural Forum (YCF), offered the advice to Governor Bukola in Ilorin on Friday in a statement signed by its Kwara State Coordinator, Barrister Aboaba Okanlawon.

In every tradition and in Yoruba especially, the group submitted, it is a taboo for a younger person to fight an elder none the least one’s father, thus berating the governor for going to the extent of deploying all sorts of weapons in the name of political difference to publicly attack his father and subject him to ridicule.

“As a group that cherishes moral upstanding and sustenance of culture and societal values, the YCF express its worries about the turn of events in Kwara State between Governor Bukola Saraki and his father and what may be the consequences of the affront on the outgoing governor,” the group said.

Remarking that there is no such culture, no matter how liberal, would support the governor in the current torture of his father in the name of politics, the group stressed that its not saying a child should not disagree with his father “but in the case of the governor, he seems to be going too far in this political battle, using all sorts of things against the father including state power and proxy.

“In Yorubaland, which the governor is a bonafide son, and, indeed virtually every culture, it is a taboo for a child to fight his father. Fighting one’s father has grave consequences. Not only are you doomed, whether the father curses you or not, your children are bound to do same to you. This should not be Bukola’s portion,” the YCE statement read.

It advised the governor to “immediately toe the path of reconciliation with his father because it is never too late to.”