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Class-leading pick-up brands in the Nigerian market, like Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux, have got a new competitor following the introduction of a new double cabin offering with enhanced bed by the official Great Wall vehicle marketer in the country, CICA Nigeria Limited. It is called Wingle.

Beneath the appealingly rugged exterior of the vehicle beats the heart of a true work horse, which was the reason CICA Nigeria Limited, a subsidiary of CFAO Group, plans to make the Wingle a household name in Nigeria. Just as Great Wall's products are reliable and suited to local conditions, they have been trusted by users in many countries, because after 18 years of auto making, Great Wall Motor Company has become one of China's largest private transnational corporations.

Wingle comes in a number of versions, including the 4×2 single cabin with a 2.2 litre engine, a 4×2 double cabin with the same engine, a 4×4 Luxury with fabric seat and the Super Luxury with leather seat and equipped with a 2.4 litre engine. Expectedly, with the soaring demand for its products, GWM plans to launch 24 new models in the next 24 months in Nigeria .

Everything about the design of the Wingle's front end would fit perfectly unto an up-market saloon car. The long wheelbase of 3050mm means it should be a practical luggage mover. The headlights cluster houses two high-intensity lamps as well as the indicators. Chrome trimmings on the bonnet and side mirrors add to the visual appeal of the pick-up.

Large silver-coloured wheel arches provide good clearance for the 16-inch tyres. As is now common in twin cabs, the third brake light also takes pride of place, while alloy rims add character and complete the exterior trim.

The driver's space, which is more saloon than pick-up in layout, sits two with a generous holdall compartment between the seats. Headroom is sufficient and the adjustable seat makes it a breeze to achieve a comfortable driving position. The dashboard features AC, headlight adjusters, power windows and two-speaker CD player/FM radio sound system.

Other features include cup holders, spacious glove compartment and an electronic side mirror adjustment. There is even a 12V outlet to charge cell phones, in addition to a cigarette lighter. Shifting between two and four wheel drive is a simple button push away. The rear cabin is configured for two passengers though three can be accommodated in a pinch. No complaints from the knees department at the back as legroom is sufficient.

The 4×4 version Wingle is powered by a GW2.4 petrol Mitsubishi engine which is the first high pressure common rail electrical direct injection engine developed by Great Wall Motors. It has a claimed top speed of 140kph with the benefit of safety technology like airbags and ABS.