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Hair extensions are a common practice among a wide variety of people. While mainly cosmetic, there are many reason women chose to apply hair extensions to their natural hair. From health concerns to a serious need for a new look, here are the top 10 reasons people wear hair extensions.

Many people find that their hair is flat, dull or lifeless. Others can't seem to grow their hair out, no matter how long they wait or how many trims they receive. Hair extensions are the easy way to add body and length to your natural hair.

Every once in awhile, it's good to give your head a breather. Hair weaves are a fashionable way to wait out chemically damaged hair.

Hair extensions are a non-committal form of testing out various styles and colors. Test a colour or style out for a few weeks, and if you don't like it, try a new one just a short while later.

It's a fact of life that people experience hair loss, premature balding or thinning of the hair. That doesn't mean that you have to sit back and accept defeat, though. Hair extensions are a sensible and undetectable solution to hair loss or balding.

Hair weaves offer a positive alternative for individuals undergoing chemotherapy treatment and alopecia patients, as well as other medical procedures that result in temporary or permanent hair loss.

Hair extensions are also great for those who just don't have the time to style their hair everyday. Whether it's looking presentable at work or getting dolled up for a night out, hair extensions make the process a snap.

Hair extensions can help out while you're waiting for natural hair to grow in after and unsuccessful colouring attempt or bad cut.

Hair extensions add volume and thickness to your own hair easily, without constant upkeep.

Any costume is enhanced with a funky hairstyle. Hair extensions can be applied in real or fantasy colours, the latter make great Halloween or costume party additions.

Finally, have an important event, you can treat yourself to an elegant up do for a special occasion, holiday, or event with the use of hair extensions.