MEND Bombings: Nigeria, Israel sign Security Pact

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Nigeria and the State of Israel have signed a security pact aimed at checking the growing threat of bombings across the nation.

The pact followed threats of more bombing campaigns by the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta Region (MEND).

The new agreement new will tackle the challenge of insecurity and other related matters in Nigeria.

Police Affairs Minister, Humphrey Enemakwu, the Israeli Ambassador to Nigeria, Moshe Ram and the Minister for Public Safety of Israel, Yizhak Ahamororitz, signed the pact on behalf of both governments.

The minister said government had since 2009 signed an agreement with Israel in the areas of security, trade and commerce, petrol-chemical among others believing that “national security is no longer a concern for one nation because the world has become one global country, so all the inhabitants are cooperative in order to ensure that the whole world is secure for the benefit of humanity. We will contribute our part and they will do theirs too”.

In his remarks, the Israelis minister of public safety said Israel considered Nigeria critical and central to Africa economic development and therefore would do everything humanly possible to assist the country to achieve its quest in human development, security and National peace, adding that bi-lateral relations between the two countries would be protected at all costs.

The Inspector General of Police, Hafiz Ringim, who was present at the occasion expressed confidence that the security pact will help the country to achieve some level of security as its aimed at collaborating with Israel in the area of training, hi-tech and provision of modern technological security equipment.

“Israel can exist on its own as far as security is concerned. But as you are aware, Israel as a nation has gone through a lot of struggles but came out very well. We want to tap from their experiences and expertise to see how we can improve on our own security of our region.

So this visit by the Israeli minister for public safety is a continuation of the earlier meeting that we have had in 2009, in order to partner with them in a lot of things”, he said.