By Alayande Dayo

Adamu Zango (Usher) isn't classy anymore. I don't get it, what happened to Adamu Usher? Is he in the transformation stage of ex-convictism? Maybe not actually, if you read into this. Apparently, Adamu Usher is into the girls, still. “Usher chatted with his ex- Halima for a few minutes,” a witness said. Adam was at a birthday party to support his ongoing galpal, who was deejaying the event. But before the night was over, another of Adam's exes, Ummi fine, showed up, followed by former girlfriend Zahiyya. Although Zango's friend says, “it wasn't awkward for him to be with all of his exes,” a witness says, “that was definitely enough drama for Adam Zango.”
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Umar Gombe thinks he is Sani Danja now. Clearly Umar Gombe has an attention seeking problem. He now wants to box Sani Danja for Stardom. Give me a break, this guy just can't stand not being the center of the world. I wish someone would just knock him out, hell, I would foot the charity bill in that case. Maybe he could have a bus run over him for charity? I am full of ideas. What do you all think?
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Fati Niger is trying to kill her music career. And now she is bringing Adamu Hassan Nagudu into the pathetic fray that is her singing into a microphone. How lame is this crap? And does anyone actually care? A source says, Fati Niger had recently blogged about working on a new album, but we wanted to know if her rocker beau Adamu Hassan Nagudu would be making a cameo in it. Fati Niger said, “well, actually I have a studio at the house. He [Adamu] actually helped me write some of the songs for my new album, He's a really amazing talent, songwriter and singer.”So, will there be a duet? Fati Niger said, “yes, definitely. When the album comes out.” Is'nt that pathetic?