By Kenneth Uwadi
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Mr Samuelson Iwuoha, I thought I was through responding to your garbage. Yet I found myself attracted by two of your recent trash captioned , My life is under serious threat published in Point Blank News of 3rd march 2011 and rejoinder to a text message circulation published in New Africa Press of 8th March 2011.

I unhappily admit that you have been saying so many things which any right thinking Nigerian would find utterly wrong in both tone and tenor. In both articles, you said that your life is seriously under threat from Ikedi Ohakim the governor of Imo state. You went further to say that Ohakim is sending text messages against Rochas Okorocha using your name so that Rochas will be angry and send his killer squad to hunt you .Killer squad? Really? Rochas Okorocha has a killer squad?

Like Obasanjo will say, I dey laugh-o .The kind of things you say about some prominent men of Imo State makes me laugh. Tell us why you feel Ohakim will send text messages using your name? Are you a political bulldozer in Imo State? Is this not laughable? It sounds ridiculous. Who are you in the political circle of Imo State for Ohakim to use your name in sending text messages? And why will Ohakim want you dead? Do you think election is won on the pages of newspapers? We in Imo State know that our governor is not a violent man. Unlike you and your cohorts, politics to our governor is not a do or die affair. He believes that his developmental strides will speak for him. Of course, Ohakim cannot see you as a threat for his supporters are solidly on ground.

You throw allegations against people like a moron so as to please your pay masters. When you were shouting Ohakim flogged you at government house to the world i was one of those who demanded for legitimate evidence from you for the emotionally-saturated charges and moral insults you were hurling at the governor. Today, Nigerians can see that you are nothing but a very irresponsible bigot. Today Nigerians can see that all the articles you wrote claiming you were lashed in Government House Owerri and claiming this- and -that were all sponsored lies. You have shown Nigerians that you are a politician, a campaigner of Ararume for Governor and not a social crusader as you wanted Nigerians to believe.

You can fool some people for sometime but not all the people all the time .You are a politico without honesty or integrity, a man who stands convicted by the facts of utter disregard for honesty in your false attacks upon people, unrepentant in your irrationality. Pushing for…what? Pushing for Ararume for governor of Imo state? Is it not the same Ararume that Achike Udenwa and former President Olusegun Obasanjo in 2007 famously declared that his candidature had 'a k-leg' and that Imo people should not vote for him? Today Udenwa is now campaigning for Ararume the same man with a K-leg. What happened to the K-leg ? Has the K-leg gone? OBJ has wisdom that we cannot dismiss in a hurry. When he said “ I dey laugh-o “ at Atiku's quest to clinch PDP Presidential ticket against GEJ, many people failed to take him serious, but what later happened ? GEJ defeated Atiku black and blue in the PDP Presidential primaries. Since you feel that Ararume is the man sent by God to rescue Imo State, what significant project can you point out that Ararume in his eight years at the National Assembly attracted to the people of Okigwe zone ? We even heard that recent records from the senate indicate that even in mere attendance to plenary sessions of the senate, Ararume short-changed his people. Him no dey attend senate sittings. That is the man you want to be our governor.

Despite allegations of non performance against the Ohakim administration by you and your paymasters, observers are saying that Governor Ikedi Ohakim of Imo State has transformed lives and communities through his New Face of Imo Project and deserves another term. An Owerri based lawyer Chukwu Nwawuihe in a comment said he was most fascinated with the governor's job creation drive. “What impresses me about this administration is the creativity and courage it brought to bear in tackling the unemployment problem in the state. We need this type of creativity and courage to forge ahead” he said .

According to USA based Dr Stanley Onye “I strongly believe that His Excellency Governor Ohakim has done very well. I have been in Nigeria often and i have seen a lot of improvement in Imo State. He deserves a second term and I am confident that he will win this election handy. The opponents have no good track record and their achievement cannot compare to that of the governor. The current blue print for development will usher in a lot of improvement for Imo State in the coming years. Besides, his Excellency is the only one that scouts out talents overseas and uses them.”Uche Collins living in Owerri said “Ohakim's administration has recorded appreciable success in the area of education, poverty eradication, water supply, housing and urban development, land administration, job creation, public utilities and rural development ,among others .As for job creation am now working in the ministry of chieftaincy affairs, thanks to Ohakim 10,000 jobs”

So Samuelson,you can continue to try to twist the facts and act brave behind a computer keyboard no one is after your life, You only need to amend your ways. No one is buying your trash about Ohakim. Let us vote the governor again to do more . Ohakim, has vowed to improve on his provision of democracy dividends despite his laudable achievement so far.He also promised to rehabilitate and build more roads, create more jobs, elevate more health centres, give attention to agriculture among others after his re-election. He made the promise at the Ikeduru campaign rally which was witnessed by mammoth crowd.

Kenneth Uwadi
Imo State