By Hail
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I just started watching the Nigerian movies and found them to be somehow aggressive; interesting, improving but the actors screams a lot, the sound quality need a fine tunning, the actors should stick to simple English rather than big words to describe their feelings or others. Uche Jombo is one aggressive and hail rasing actress, she is ghetto unfabulous and need some classes in acting. I don't like her, she is too aggressive for my taste and she screams a lot.

However, the most prevailing problem I have noticed is that the girls have big accessive baggage on their assess. They are not taking good care of themselves. Life expectancy for an actress is so small when they get fat; it makes them unattractive and no sex appeal.

Omotola and Eni Edo have become so fat their arms is just as big as their thighs; flabby of course. Omotola has the biggest fat arms and ass. Although she is facially beautiful and a good actress; she appears to be physiologically screwed and it takes away her attractive quality, good acting.She is so fat, she could not wear a bathing suit in the movie "My Storey" while in the beach with the Ghanian actor.
Genieva Nnaji is a model of what Nigerian actresses should look like, slim, sexy and fit. But who knows, she could add those weight in few days if she ignores the weight watchers. I say loose the excessive weight and stay fit.