Toni Payne still in love with 9ice

Source: Bola Dauda -

Some people are pessimistic about the possibility of a reconciliation between the proverbial lyricist, 9ice and his wife, Toni Payne, but fans and friends are on the other hand optimistic that one day the couple will get over the storm in their marriage. Although, a recent photograph of Toni with an unidentified bloke, now on the internet, has sparked off speculations that probably she has found another love, SS scooped that Toni has indirectly over the times used diverse means to tell whoever cares to listen that she wants 9ice back.

She actually wood 9ice on her facebook wall, when she wrote, "It is really hard to deny that 9ice is a great musician.

Shakashiki is most deffo up dere with Gongo Aso, #facti. This lamentation which attracted hundreds of comments from Toni's friends on face book, affirms the news milling around that, though, she might have been separated from 9ice, she is still very much in love with his songs. In case you don't know, Gongo Aso was the song that catapulted 9ice to stardom, while Shakashiki is one of the hit songs on 9ice's sophomore album titled Tradition. Interestingly, who will reconcile Toni Payne and 9ice, is now the question waiting for answer.