I don’t need to give my body to make my relationship work----Grace Amah

Grace Amah
Grace Amah
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Pretty Grace Amah is an actress with talents. And to crown it all, she is studying Creative Art at prestigious University of Lagos. One thing that stands her out is her 'down-to-earth' nature. Grace is real and free, you need to see her relate to co-students at UNILAG where she is a final year student. She spoke to SAMUEL OLATUNJI.

What's wrong? I've not seen you in movies for a while.
There is nothing wrong. I'm actually in school and trying to round up my programme.

Do your lecturers treat you like a star?
They treat me the way they should treat me. I don't know anything about star treatment.

Has your status given you any advantages?
It has, I've been able to get something done that I know if I were not to be a star it would have been impossible.

I'm sure it has prevented some guys from wooing you as well.
Some who don't have the courage can't walk up to me but those who still have the courage come around. It has nothing to do with being a regular guy.

So, courage is all it takes to ask you out?
There are just some people who are confident of themselves. They don't have inferiority complex. I don't see any reason why some people should not be able to walk up to me despite the fact that I'm a known person.

Is acting worth it?
Yes, it has. Though I am not where I ought to be for now.

Which job have you done of late?
I've only done a TV soap opera this year.

Is that not affecting your purse?
It is, I won't lie about that. But what can I do? I am rounding up anyway.

Who is supplementing the affected purse?
God has been faithful. At least I'm still fending for myself.

Are you sure this is no guy?
Must a guy fend for a woman? I am taking care of myself, but thank God there is someone somewhere.

What does this someone do?
He is just a wonderful person and he is working somewhere I don't want to disclose.

In year 2006, you told me you might get married that year or the following year. Are you still on the 'might'?
I wasn't certain. I am still on that.

When will that come to a reality?
Very soon, before you open your eyes I might invite everybody to come around to celebrate with me.

So, you will be getting married this year?
By God's grace, keep your finger cross.

Is it true your guy disappointed you though both of you were on the verge of getting married?
No, nobody disappointed me. And I was not planning any marriage with anybody.

For how long has your boyfriend being in the picture?
As long as he is supposed to have been and as long as I can say he makes me happy.

What does your guy do to make you happy?
It is about knowing me, and knowing the kind of things I like to make me happy.

Does he complain about acting?
No, he loves my career.

Is acting all you want to do?
Obviously not. Acting is just a stepping stone for me.

Will the other thing be about production or directing?
It could be about those too. When the time comes, I'm sure you will get to know.

Does your height affect your chances in Nollywood?
Yeah, the way Nigeria is, we are not ready to go out of our way to spend money on the technical things to make a movie. Okay, for instance, you could make a short person look tall technically. But in the western world, most of the people we see are not tall. Fine, it affects me, but I am not bothered. It is not a mistake that I am like this. This is the way God wants me to be, and I thank God for it.

You have been sounding more born again of late.
I don't know what you want me to talk about if not God. As far as I'm concerned, he has been faithful.

So, is Grace now a born again?
Yes, I am a born again Christian.

That means you no longer do all those bad things anymore.
What do you mean by bad things? Are you a perfect person? Once in a while, we still fall short of God's glory.

Where have you fallen short of God's glory?
I can't give you that, but we are all sinners. That is between me and my God.

Is Nollywood improving at all?
Definitely, we are no longer where we used to be.

Does the existence of the A-list actresses affect the upcoming ones and is it true they are phasing out soon?
The truth is we will not be there forever. There was a time when some top people were there and one would think they would be there forever. But it is not so. Those who are there will still give way for the up and coming one.

Tell me about five of your most memorable movies.
There is Concubine, Agbeke, Elastic Limit, Can't Let go and Atlanta .

Is Atlanta not the movie you did with Charles Novia?
Yes, it was.

Have you been emotionally carried away on set before?
No, definitely not.

Will you ever marry an actor?
I can't answer that question now because my fiancée is not an actor.

For you as a Theatre Arts student, is Nollywood creative enough?
It is creative, but we might not be perfect, but it is not creative enough. And with what we have available, we are trying our best.

Aside acting, what else do you do?
I'm into an organization called Junior Chamber International; it is a body of young leaders and entrepreneurs. It's also an NGO, it creates an opportunity for young leaders to rub minds. It is a result-oriented organization.

Does that make you an entrepreneur?
Yes, as I speak, I'm actually their Membership, Growth and Development coordinator for this year. And I belong to the Ikoyi chapter. We have four areas of opportunity, which are individual, community, business and international. As a member you get to learn a lot of things you want to do.

Why did your past relationship break?
Did I tell you I broke up any relationship? What I would say is that if you are in a relationship where you think there is no headway, the best thing both parties can do is move their separate ways.

What can you give to make this your present relationship work?
I'll give everything within my power and also ask God for his grace.

Is giving your body part of everything you could give?
I'll give my body when it is necessary, when the time is right to give my body.

When will the time be right?
It can only be right when everything has been legally settled.

I am talking of before marriage.
I don't have to give my body to make it work.

Do you mean you will not give your body especially in this present world?
There is nothing like this present world. There is chriatianity and our morals.

So you mean you will not give your body.
Yes, I can only give my prayers. I don't need to give my body to make my relationship work.