Be sincere with Electorate, Olaosebikan tells desperate politicians

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The Chairman of Caretaker Committee  for Oluyole Local Government, Alhaji Kehinde Olaosebikan  has sent a personate  appeal to  politicians in the state to always say the truth about the qualities and capabilities of various leaders particularly those seeking to be the governor of the state and be true friends of the people rather than deceiving  them because of personal interests.

Alhaji  Olaosebikan who spoke in an inter face with correspondents in Ibadan today  said  the present situation where some politicians would be saying the opposite of what they (themselves)  know very well on  the qualities of gubernatorial candidates  amount to treason against the people  and a serious disservice to the state.

The   Local Government chairman told correspondents that he was amused with the various comments being made by  the former Speaker of Oyo State House of Assembly , Hon. Adeolu Adeleke  and Comrade Ibrahim Bolomope  on the competence of Senator Rasheed Ladoja to govern the state asking them to  search their conscience if they were actually saying the truth.

“ One good thing about us here is that we know ourselves. We have been together and interacted very deeply. We have had discussions, analyses and all that. We know   the individual opinions of all us on these leaders, particularly Otunba Christopher Adebayo Alao-Akala and Senator Rasheed Ladoja. For the sake of decency, I will not disclose the opinions of these people on Senator Rasheed Ladoja here   but suffice to say that they have both said severally that “Governor Akala is a good person, a better politician and a more caring and dependable leader”

Alhaji Olaosebikan said that he was constrained to address the issue because “I feel as young men in politics , we should strive as much as possible to improve on the quality of politics of the state rather than  worsening it all because of  selfish interests.  As Muslims and Christians, we should always be guided by the fear of God in all our activities especially those that affect  lives of millions of people and those yet unborn.

According to Alhaji Olaosebikan ,  talking generally on followership,  the most valid indices to benchmark competence and capacity,   no strong leader or  past governor  in the state has even lost serious followership more than  Senator Ladoja in the whole history of Oyo State.

Of all the past governors since 1999 it is only former Governor Ladoja that does not have all  the  key party executive and state executive functionaries: his party chairman,   Secretary to State Government, Chief of Staff, Woman Leader, Youth Leader, commissioners, strong party leaders with him again.  Compared with former Governor Lam Adesina who still has solidly with him, his party chairman from AD days, party secretary from AD days and Secretary to the State government,  Chief Michael Koleoso.

Contrary to the hypocritical opinions of Bolomope and Adeolu, it is a common knowledge that the government of Senator Ladoja recorded little success because of the fact that he did not treat the politicians well by his refusal to constitute boards after two years he had been receiving salaries and other remunerations in office and the general clumsiness in the running of the state and party  for his 37 months stay in office.  

“Majority of the people of Oyo State are vigorously supporting the second term bid of Otunba Adebayo Alao Akala  because of the fact that he has performed well in office  as a result of his being God fearing, sincere, compassionate and a competent leader that can be depended upon at all times. He is certainly the best in the Oyo gubernatorial race.” Olaosebikan declared.