I like to wear trendy things that are African-Vivian Anani

By Kehinde Falode
Vivian Anani
Vivian Anani

What is style?

I think style is what you put on, what suits you and makes you look glamorous; but most importantly, you have to look good and feel comfortable in it.

Personal style

My style is very simple yet stylish. I don't like the kind of fashion that exposes; I don't like exposing body parts here and there in the name of fashion. In all, I dress to suit the occasion. If it is a corporate event, I will go corporate and if it is dinner, I know what to wear.

I wear more of African things; I like to be simple. I like to wear trendy things that are African. And for casuals I go for jeans and shirt. I'm also a jeans-jeans kind of a person. I like to make and wear African dresses, and I can go to any length with it

What fashion accessory can't you leave home without?

My make up bag, to touch up my make-up.

Favourite colour

It is so difficult to choose; there are three colours I love so much and they are white, cream and black.

Why black of all colours? Is it because it is a dinner delight?

Black is lovely and when you make (sew) something with black material, the result will be amazing and lovely. Believe me, black always turn out good. I love black.

Favourite jewelry

Anything in Gold.

Favourite shoes and bag designers

Gucci, I am a Gucci lover, I love their products. Apart from shunning out good quality products, they've gat style.

Favourite vehicle

Sports car.

Sports car! Why not a more feminine car?

Most sports cars are sleek and durable.

Where do you shop for clothes?

I shop anywhere they have something good, and it depends on what I am buying. As long as it suits me, I go for it. Moreover, eighty percent of the things I use, I make myself.

Favourite local fabric


I love woodin materials.


You can do a lot of things with Woodin and Ankara. It can go with anything; it all depends all the way you handle it. It can also be used to sew all manners of Western styles.

Beauty tips

I wash and cleanse my face. I do my facial scrub at home and no matter how tired I am, I must wash my face before going to bed. I don't sleep with make-up, I try as much as possible to exercise my body. Also, I am into moisturizing. I take fruits and I drink a lot of water.

What words best describe you?

I am a very moderate and realistic person.

How does it relate to you?

If you know me very well, you see that I am a very simple person…I am who I am. I don't live in a false world. In the industry where I belong (Nollywood), most people are just living false lives. I am who I am and most time, I try as much as I can not to blow my own trumpet.

What determines what you wear?

My mood and the occasion determine what I wear; but the occasion first and my mood second.

What is the fashion item you can't be caught with?

I cannot be caught with micro mini skirt! I don't have the body for mini, so, why should I flaunt what I don't have?

What makes you happy?

When I put a smile on somebody's face and when I make people around me happy, I am happy.

Nigerian men and women whose style appeals to you.

I have a lot of them, but I can't be mentioning names.

The most fashionable place you have ever been in the world.

Paris, the home of fashion.

Favourite Nigerian fashion designer.

Banky fashion.

What puts you off?

Fake people!