Lancelot Oduwa Imaseun is one of the few movie practitioner that helps project nollywood in a positive way to the world through every of his production. Apart from the fact that he doesn't compromise when it comes to making quality movie his achievement in making 40% of the A- list actors / actresses in the industry can never be under estimated.

This Edo born movie producer / director married with two lovely kids is a rare gem and a blessing to nollywood. Some of his previous work like Issakaba, Family battle, behind close door; Dark water are all testimony of what is capable of doing.

Adesuwa his new movie based on a major hero in Benin kingdom (1752AD). It's a story of pride, And talks about men that lust after women. It center on a king that demean his throne because of a woman that has already being betrothed on another man. It also talks on disobedient of a girl which resulted to her untimely death.

It got to a point on set of the movie, the cast, crew and everyone present on the set busted in tears when the characters are interpreting their different roles. This shows the depth of the story and what the movie buff should expect when is finally release.

Over 17million Naira was spent in making this movie, the movie was shot on HDV and has been on post production for the past 16months which implies the total dedication put into this mindblowing production that is expect to be a world class movie.

Adesuwa is a testimony of what nollywood can do and the bright future that lies ahead.

This ACE producer / director received over 14 plaque last year and numerous awards in the past, said the movie will premiere March ending in Benin and the it starred Olu Jacob, Bob Manuel, Cliff Igbinovia, Ngozi Ezeonu e.t.c.