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Gone are the days when we have only the male running the affairs of the music industry and topping chart, but this day with the likes of great female Diva like Omawunmi, Waje, Mocheddah, Goldie e.t.c. Am quiet sure they will surely give their male counter part a run for their money.

Among this great Diva comes J'odie of the idol reality show 2007, though she didn't get to win the competition but ended up in sixth position.

She's finally out with two amazing singles “Kushi Kushi” and fighter. The musical video for the Kushi Kushi is out and is currently enjoying massive airplay.

Kushi kushi a track that was produced by “FAT-E” is no doubt a soulful and deep song.

According to J'odie, she believes great work of Art comes from pain. I was heartbroken when I wrote Kushi Kushi and it takes me a month to write. Kushi Kushi she said is an expression of adoring a baby when you want them to feel loved. Contrary to the general notion of people about the song, kushi kushi is not the normal romantic love song. Am only projecting myself into the future and imaging myself having my own baby that I will show love and adore.

On future collaboration, I have the plan of working with Femi Kuti, and Asa. I love their style and interpretation of music; they are matured and make good music.

The album is said to be dropping in few months time and is likely to be title J'odie.