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A good football coach says keep your eye on the ball, it then won't matter how big your attacker is or how loud the home support is, for surely the reason everyone is in the arena is essentially to see the ball caress the goal net. It is your prerogative therefore to adopt a strategy that best exhibits your skill, including stooping low to conquer, if need be.

What is the place of boycott in a democracy and what informs demonstration, protest, hunger strike and various objections to unwholesome practices in a polity? As far back as the colonial era, it had become obvious that not every part of Nigeria was enthusiastic about independence, just as certain advantages became the lot of some ill prepared Nigerians at the start of self-government. Before long, the seeming imbalance generated skirmishes, which was suggestive of a clash of egos, but culminated in a civil war.

As of today there is very little doubt that the compelling situation that triggered that war has not abated and indeed new dimensions of oppression are now prevalent. In recognition of this sad development and not wanting to go back the way of war, the Ohaneze and political leaders of the Igbos alongside those in the diaspora decided to rally support for a minority in order to highlight the need for solidarity and also to engender a balance of power.

It comes therefore as a great surprise, the kind of comments and submissions that have trailed the non Igbo participation in election for the highest office in the land, when from the onset that was the whole idea, to make obvious their displeasure and disappointment in the scheme of things. In any case, in participating they saw no guarantees for victory especially because there are too many all-too-familiar booby traps and scenarios of betrayal. Clearly, there was no point in wasting resources on a venture that aims only at creating division among brothers.

A close analysis of the arguments put forward so far indicate a lack of research and poor appreciation of the very grave, if not mean disposition of certain elements in Nigeria to foster animosity, bitter rivalry and a game of death just to maintain the status quo of lopsidedness. The Igbos want a new lease of Life not for themselves alone, but for the generality. Interestingly, their preferred candidate is coasting home to victory which indicates their point is well taken so far.

Out of the several state Governors that left office in 2007, only Yerima of Zamfara handed over power to his deputy and of course their romance did not take long to sour. In fact between Obasanjo and Atiku was a circus show of intrigues that is suspected to still linger.

It is thus untenable to assume that being a deputy is a sure bet to clinching the crown, who knows what would have become of Jonathan if his boss were still around or have we forgotten the menace posed by 'the cabal' and the circumstances that ousted Kingibe?

A good number of the contestants for the office of President are jesters who are probably interested merely in 'notice me' and 'also ran' while hoping for compensation in one form of trade off or the other. Virtually all the running mates, except Namadi Sambo, are out there in the open, one wonders how they can cut through the thick forest of Nigerian politics.

A people should be known for something. The Igbos are not interested in gambling with their destiny anymore and would rather exercise maturity, stay focussed and serve as catalyst for a new Nigeria. The position they have taken is very satisfactory and indeed they are the shining example we should henceforth emulate.