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By Okikioposu Esan
Anita Joseph
Anita Joseph
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My reliable source couldn't believe his eyes when some guys were negotiating price with one of the top actresses in Nollywood called Anita Joseph. Anita, we learnt, was at Mac Dee's nightclub in Opebi called Do-It-All last Thursday and right on the dance floor was our own Anita looking for 'Rosco' as men who carry prostitutes are usually called.
“Initially I thought she was just there to have fun until I saw her looking at several men invitingly.
My eyes were still following her till a particular big boy moved closer to her during her provocative dance steps and was like negotiating price with her. To my total dismay, Anita rejected the man's offer on account that she preferred a hotel to his house” Said a reliable source who knows her too well.

The question is, what happens to the movie industry?
Afterall, it would be ok if she has given her body for script than becoming a full blown prostitute.