Mercy Johnson In An Affair With D'Banj

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The hottest gist currently being talked about in the entertainment industry is about the hot romance between Mercy Johnson and the Koko Master, D-Banj.

Apparently, what started as a fling between the two showbiz personalities has become the talk of the town, as both of them have been seen together a couple of times holding hands and sharing romantic moments.

Sources close to Mercy disclose that the dark complexioned actress has been telling whoever cares to listen that she is not only a fan of the singer who just released his third solo effort (the entertainer), but that she is also romantically involved with him and will do all she can to maintain their romantic love affair.

Few weeks ago, the love birds were said to have spent quality hours at a night club on the Island, but were rudely interupted by another actress, Rukky Sanda, who is alleged to be in a relationship with D'Banj. D'Banj, who was once linked with another actress, Ini Edo was said to have met Mercy through Rukky and before any one could say hey!, they had knocked it off immediately. Rukky on the other hand did not find it funny, thus, she is said to be harassing Mercy over it, but wouldn't refer the matter as being betrayal, because she never opened up to Mercy that she was having an affair with D'Banj.

Also, sources close to D'Banj disclosed that the artist is not serious with anyone of them, but that he is just enjoying a taste of their wine while they battle for his attention. An attempt to confirm this rumour from D'Banj last week failed because he was out of town.

In a telephone chat with Rukky Sanda, she said, "i am not in any fight with Mercy Johnson, she is not my friend and we have never talked. We have only worked together once and we did not even say Hi to each other. I don't know her and as for D'Banj, he is my family friend and we are not dating." Mercy Johnson also via telephone said, "who is Rukky Sanda? I have never heard that name and do not know her."

When queried, Mercy on her relationship with D'Banj and she said "How? When? I don't understand. I don't know where this is coming from. I am not dating D'Banj."

Reports revealed that Rukky and Mercy, in an attempt not to ridicule themselves or drag their precious names in the mud would rather deny knowing each other and deny the affair, should things go wrong with the Koko Master.