My wife was not pregnant before our wedding –Nomoreloss

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Ace musician, Muyiwa Osinuga, known as Nomoreloss, who sang the hit track Iyawo Asiko, just got married. In this interview with ADEMOLA ALAWIYE, he explains life before and after marriage.

How did you come about the name Nomoreloss?

Nomoreloss is from one of my names, Solomon, spelt backwards. But the definition for Nomoreloss is, I don't see negativity; I see opportunities to do better.

How was your honeymoon?

It was great. We thank God.

Where did it take place?

It was in Ghana. We wanted a place that is not too far, and that we had not gone to together.

Your honeymoon was too short.

Both of us have a busy working schedule. We couldn't afford to take off for a month, so we just took one week and we are back now.

There seems to be a lot of noise about your wife not putting on the conventional virginal white dress on your wedding day.

For anyone that knows the both of us, they will know we don't do things in a conventional manner. I don't like stereotypes; I like to do something different. And that's what Nomoreloss and Phoenix are all about. We are not trying to blend in; we are trying to stand out.

Was she pregnant before the wedding?

No! She was not pregnant before the wedding.

It is a norm that during Bach Eve, one is given an ex-girlfriend to ”straff” for the last time, did that happen to you?

No! As I said, I don't believe in conventional things. You've seen it with our wedding, with the way I do my things. It's your choice; you don't say bye-bye to bachelorhood by doing that. Once you make up your mind that you want to be with someone, you have made a decision to be faithful. I don't believe in being partially faithful. You are either faithful or not.

So you were totally faithful before you got married?

Yes, although we had our times at the beginning of our relationship. It's standard, but for the minute I made up my mind that this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, I did not keep any other girls.

What is your advice to single guys?

I don't think marriage is for everybody. I don't think that some people are suited for marriage and if you find yourself not suited for it; don't try to please others.

Have you been denied of some things after wedding? Like clubbing and so on?

For everything that I have experienced in life, I enjoyed it while it lasted. I don't have any regrets. As an entertainer, I have always been surrounded by women and I thank God that I have a wife that understands that now because it was an issue at the beginning.

Don't you think you got married too early?

No, I've been in the business for some time. Twenty years of constant partying, meeting women and all sorts of things; it gets boring after a while.

Tell us about your age.

No, only people within my age bracket know my age.

Well, tell us your age bracket.

I'm way into my 30s.

Which one do you prefer between married life and bachelorhood?

I won't trade my marriage for anything. Bachelorhood is a time to experience life. I believe marriage is that point when you tell yourself that you've seen everything, and you make up your mind and take the decision.

I wish you happy married life.