My Wife Is The Best In Bed---------Yemi Solade

By Alayande Dayo
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Very articulate, analytical and Artistic best describe the personality of Yemi Solade, the legendary thespian, whose acting skills have become a force to reckon with in the Nigerian home videos.
The handsome face of the fair-complexioned actor coupled with his amazing style of character interpretations in movies are same of the reasons he's being adored by many and hated by few. The movie sex symbol recently opened up to DEOLA ADEOTI when he was cornered at the 'Artistes' Night' organised for the late Alade Aromire, where the versatile actor revealed more about his acting career, marital life, challenges and some other issues. Enjoy it.

We sympathize with you over the death of your beloved friends, Muyideen Alade Aromire. How did you receive the news?

Well, I don't want to use the word shock, I feel bad. I feel pained when a young man laboured so hard and he is never a round to enjoy the fruits of his labour that is what pisses me off. It's more of anger than anything. But my consolation today is that am celebrate him. People like him don't die in vain. You can look at the ambience. It takes a lot to have people like this to come out for a particular person. So, that is somehow instructive that he hasn't died in vain.

Talking about the incessant death in Nolly-wood. Is there anything to fear about?
There is nothing to fear about. People Are meant to die. We've been born to die. You are talking to me now. You don't know en I am going to die. Obviously, what I will say is that, while we are still alive, let us do what we have to do positively, so that we can have this kind of celebration. When we are gone.

Are you telling me you are not afraid of death?
No, No, No, the only thing I am afraid of is failure. When I can't do things I want to do but death is inevitable. It's certain we can't avoid it.

Alade today is remembered as Mr. Movie. What will you like to be remembered for?
I would want to be remembered for Yemi Solade, that I came and I did my best and I am gone that's all. I don't think I can't access myself like that; Alade Aromire was a trail-brazer. He was a pace setter. He started what everyday enjoys today who started home video. I will tell you category that Alade Aromire started it. He experimented and it worked. And everybody took it up from there, and here we are a lot of people are benefilling from home video today. But it wouldn't have been if not for Muyideen Aromire. I am telling you.

Two years ago when you won the best actor obviously you were the most sought after actor. But today. Nothing much is heard of you. What's going on?

Nothing. I am still in the practice. This is still what I do full times, 24/7. I am still an artiste but you can't expect me to be everywhere. I can tell you that I am still very hardworking. I go to locations as I am invited. And once the fee is right. You will find me there. I don't do any other hinge.
For those that know little about you or know nothing, how would you describe yourself?

I can't describe myself. I can only tell you what I do. My name is Yemi Solade. I live in Lagos. I work in Lagos I am an actor. I am a socials commentator. I am a public administrator. I am an international public relation person. I have Christ. Because I am a Christian, you see. I am one of the few people who have gone to train formally in what I do. I have a degree in drama from OAU, Ile-Ife. I have three Master degrees in International Relations, Public Administration and sociology and Anthropology. And I have a diploma in Christology, the study of Christ. And what does that tells you than I am fully waded.

How religious is Mr. Solade?

Well, I have my God. I have a covenant with God. That's all and I believe that Jesus Christ came for me soul. He died for me and with his name I pray and things happen.
So, as a religious man. How do you handle females most especially female fans?
I handle them. How I handle them is my business. I handle them just the way they handle me too.
Which of the films you've starred in will you really say brought you to limelight?
I I don't know because I can't tell. Since I was a kid, I used to be the first national disco champion of Nigeria. So I have always in the limelight. I did not start being always in the limelight. I did not start being popular with movies. It depends on where you encountered me. I have been who I am. I have always being that person who entertains ever since I was a kid
There is no doubt you married an actress.

(Cuts in) A beautiful one the most beautiful. I am the only actor that married to a half-caste. My wife is the most beautiful in the world so, how are you enjoying the marital life?
It's the most blissful. My wife is the best in the world. She is beautiful in and out. She is not bleached. She is a half-cast. An Oyinbo meaning (A white person) (similes).
Are you saying she is also beautiful in bed?
Everywhere. She is the best in the kitchen, in the bed, in term of care home keeping accountability. Finances, she is the best.
Religiously, morally, socially, economically. She is the best.
Since you starred in the movie Alase Aye people have been saying a lot about you
(Cuts in) I don't want to talk about Alase Aye. It's a rubbish movie
Why did you say so?
I was not paid for part two. So I hate the movie.
So, what is the relationship between you and Ahmed Alasari now, the producer of the movie?
I don't have a relationship with anyone called… what did you called his name? (Looking serious)
Ahmed Alasari
Is that a name?
What kind of name is that? Is he an actor, a producer or marketer, director, Location manager or driver of Location? I don't know such name.
Okay! Do you have any movie presently from your stable?
I am not a producer yet. I am just the best actor in Nigeria, both home and abroad. That's all. I know.
Looking at the level of the Nigerian movie industry. What can we do to improve the level?
Let people go and train. Professional training. Academic training and let people have the right attitude to work.
But Nollywood is regarded to be the largest film producing industry in the world. Do you have any comment on that?
I hear that but I don't know. I can not ascertain. There are no statistics largest in the world. I just hear it.
What advice do you have for the upcoming articles that also want to be like you?
Let them go for formal training like I did. Let them go to school. Let them stop being illiterate. Let than stop failing NECO and wanting to join my industry. I hate them. Let them go to school, so that they can express themselves, they can be articulate; they won't be taking as slaves. No body can enslaver me Nobody in this wholewide world.
Will you like one day seeing one of your children taking after your profession?
There is nothing wrong with my profession. It is the best in the world it's a profession I have practiced for 31 years now. So, it's the best. I was a teenager, 27 precisely when I started. I am 48 years old now.
With all these what is your philosophy of life.
My philosophy of life is to be who I am. I am Yemi Solade, that's my philosophy. I don't want to be like you (pointing to me). I don't want anyone to look like me. I just want to be me. Okay!
What is your favourite food?
Fufu and Ogbonna soup, Apon.
Favourite drink
I take water and I do take red wine because it's good for my heart.