Bafarawa challenges PDP on Rural Road Projects in Sokoto State

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Former Governor of Sokoto state, Alhaji Attahiru Bafarawa has described the condition of roads, health and education in some rural areas of Sokoto state as very deplorable and disappointing.

Bafarawa who was addressing hundreds of jubilating Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) supporters in Tureta, almost shed tears as he explain to the supporters his dismay on their roads, educational and health's condition.

Alhaji Bafarawa described the condition of Tureta/Shagari roads by the state Government as unfortunate. He said it smack of lack of foresight on the Government for abandoning the very important road such as the ones in Tureta/Shagari.

He said, 'Since we left office in 2007 there are no progress to the rehabilitation and repairs on our rural roads, There are no provision of social amenities, like provision of drugs, health facilities and employments to the yearning and aspiration of common man in the state'.

Former Governor Bafarawa explained that since his government constructed the road in order to alleviate the suffering of people of the area as result of lack of link road from Tureta to Shagari, it is the best for any successive government to ensure the maintenances and rehabilitation of the road for the benefit of people.

He said, the essence of any good government after coming to power is to design and implement programmes that have direct bearing to the electorates, which are the main ways to ensure the dividend of democracy.

He said, Tureta/Shagari road as a completed project and any of the uncompleted projects inherited by the PDP government are not constructed because of Bafarawa or anybody in Bafarawa's government, why then the PDP government will ignore their responsibility of ensuring the repair, rehabilitations and completion of such project because of politics.

He said, Tureta/ Shagari road is one of the project completed by his government to alleviate the suffering of these people, but the PDP government did not give attention to ensure the maintenance and repair of the part of road washed away by the flood, so as to save lives and assist the motorists in the area.

Bafarawa said, during his reign he did not abandon any important projects that have direct bearing to the people, which was inherited from the successive governments, so as to ensure the continuity of good governance and provision of the social services to the people.

He described politics as an avenue of reflection of either good or bad deeds which can be judge by the people to their representatives, he urged them to ensure that they did not forsake their future by trading with their votes for money, rather they should ensure they only votes politicians with vision and good record.

He promised to ensure the rehabilitation of the Tureta/Shagari road and the construction of the Kurawa road which was abandon for years by the PDP government, if ACN is elected into power by 2011. He thereafter, cautions ACN supporters in the area to live peaceful with one another.

He later paid a visit to the palace of Sarkin Burmin Tureta Alhaji Garba Mohammed where he solicited his support for equal treatment and peaceful activities of the ACN and peaceful co-existence among all the people of the area.

Bafarawa was accompanied by the ACN Gubernatorial candidate Alhaji Isah Bajini Galadanci, Party Chairman Alhaji Ibrahim Milgoma, Party senatorial and House of Representatives candidates, ACN Bodinga West House of Assembly Candidate Alhaji Yusuf Dingyadi, among others.