We Are in ACN - Senator Amosun

Source: huhuonline.com

Our attention has been drawn to media reports insinuating that our supporters and I have left or are on our way out of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN). Even one of my close associates was quoted as confirming the false report. After careful investigations, it was discovered that the report is the handiwork of some politicians from the crisis-ridden Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who would love to find bed-fellows in the ACN. They will definitely be willing to gloat over an imaginary crisis in the ACN.

They are in for a shock. Our teeming supporters and I are in ACN and we are even more determined to strengthen the party further for the great task of ensuring that the present inept government in our dear state is BOOTED OUT in April. We owe the people of our dear state that duty and we will not be involved in anything that can rupture the goal.  

I wish to appeal to our teeming supporters all over the state to remain calm and steadfast. Our party leader , Aremo Olusegun Osoba, the state executive members, myself and other stakeholders in the state are still operating on the same platform in our determination to rebuild our dear state from the ruin the PDP has caused.

We are together in our quest to, through the ballot box, oust the PDP from our dear Gateway State, and no one can stop the wind of change powered by the ACN from blowing away the mis-governance in our state.

The time has come for the good people of Ogun State to experience good governance as epitomised by the BROOM revolution being experienced by the good people of Lagos , Osun, Edo and Ekiti States .   Signed

Alhaji Bola Adeyemi
On behalf of Senator Ibikunle    Amosun :