Who Is Responsible

By Joy Della Ocloo
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I am very tired of the costumes in Ghana movies. Girls connection, passion of the soul, and I am very scared to watch that pretty queen movie because it will be full of long earrings, a variety of dog chains and dog collars these actors mistake for necklaces and bangles.
This is where I like Nigerian movies. Their costuming is very realistic and moderate. Yes people like Rita Dominic, Ini Edo (sometimes), Mercy Johnson, and Tonto Dike over do it most of the time. Did I forget Uche Jombo and her belts? Follow follow fashion.

Jackie Appiah is the one to take a life sentence for this crime among all the new girls. That one who played Jackie's sister in Passion of the Soul. Please let me just add Samira Yakubu to the list since she is the one who brings the costumes.

Samira Yakubu.
Radio presenter turn costume designer. I give her benefit because she did say that the actors insist on what they want to wear. I believe her. I did a movie with the late Suzy Williams and Albert Kuvodu. Suzy will just not allow anyone to do her make-up. All we heard was this is my face on TV so it has to look good. The director wanting her in his movie just had to shut up and allow her have her way. It was terrible.

On coming to America and going to film school, I discovered that when an artiste is given a contract, there is a separate sheet for wardrobe. Rules are specified, there are clauses like “if Artiste will provide own wardrobe, X amount shall be paid for each item of clothing provided by artiste. Costume must represent the character being portrayed by artiste and costume is subject to approval by wardrobe supervisor and Director where necessary” I am totally amazed at the amount of detail that goes into making Hollywood movies. Any wonder they are so good?

Costume and the Director
I am ready to bet that, because directors want Jackie Appiah in their movies, they are at a point where they cannot tone down her wardrobe. In passion of the soul, Jackie is mourning her departed lover. In real life, we know that heartbreak is a very painful thing and you just mope all day. Yes, there are the people who believe in look good feel good. But in a movie, costume is also responsible for mood. Jackie is able to wear a pink blouse, jeans, pink bangles, pink earrings, pink heels, pink make-up and got to see her lover. Even in the jail, her tears were not enough to wipe away the superfluous make-up. How now?
Do I write on the girl that played her sister? Blue blouse, blue scarf hanging in the back somewhere, blue earrings, blue shoes. Goodness!!! What happened to modest simple outfits and more concentration on the character and on performance?
These directors need to be shot!!

Our industry needs to be conscious of basic things; this is a movie, not a fashion show. Unless of course our actors are so insecure that they must load up their faces and body with make-up and accessories before they appear on screen.

I must sincerely question the motive behind acting for some of these girls, and some of the guys too. Like Jim Ikye and Nonso for their diabolic fashion sense.

Why are you acting? Is it to become selfless and embrace a character even if she is ugly like Charlize did in monster or that Kate Winslet did for Little Children? Or is it to show off and receive local fame?

Tonto Dike, put down the pseudo designer bags, you don't need different bags for different scenes.