Alliance talks: Buhari asks ACN to be circumspect

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The attention of the Presidential Candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) Gen Muhammadu Buhari has been drawn to the unfortunate remarks by the Action Congress of Nigeria(ACN) blaming him for the collapse of alliance talks between the two political parties ahead of the 2011 polls.

As  he seriously believes that political maturity demands circumspection on the part of leaders at a time when our people are eagerly yearning for liberation from the 12 years of PDP misrule,the CPC flag bearer is convinced that it is counter-productive engaging in a media war when there is still the possibility of working together in the unpredictable political season that we are entering.

General Buhari would  not want to go into details of the difficulties of forging the collaboration before the close of nominations for the reason that he believers in building bridges rather than cutting them.

He strongly posits that the two parties are the most ideologically compatible and have the responsibility of providing leadership  in the political space to give alternative to the people of Nigeria.

"There are difficulties in time and circumstance which make it difficult for the collaboration to come through immediately but we still believe that given our mutual commitment to democracy and reconstruction of the economy,there is no option to removing the obstacles and work together"he said.

General Buhari restates his faith in the inevitability of the two parties working together and coalescing their electoral opportunities to create a political force that will result to the birth of a new political regime.

"We therefore believe that this is not time for saber-rattling and blame game as such may be a backhand service for those who want to keep Nigerians in perpetual servitude.It is more profitable to remain positive and keep the communications channels open as we focus on the bigger picture"

He called on the leaders of both parties to continue to dialogue and rededicate to their objective of working together as the vanguard of national opposition in Nigeria.

"The time we are calls for nothing short of working assiduously towards a national rebirth.Our people are suffering and dying of hardship in the midst of plenty,a vast majority of them are not sure of whether they would get the next meal;political leaders who are not part of the rot  must be evolving ways of getting them out of this hopelessness  rather than throwing punches inward which can only be to the delight of the forces of retrogression"

Finally,General Buhari enjoins Nigerians to keep their eyes on the ball as we move rewards the April elections rest assured that change is on the way.