Stop raising false Alarm – Oni’s Aide warns Tinubu

By Lere Olayinka

The Chief Media Aide to Chief Segun Oni,former Governor of Ekiti

State,Mr Wale Ojo-Lanre has warned former Lagos State Governor, Mr.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu to stop raising false alarm about an attempt to set

him up by anyone, saying; “Tinubu was never set-up to commit all the

crimes he had committed.”
Ojo-Lanre, who described as very unfortunate and sad that Tinubu, in a

press release authored by Mr Lai Mohammed insinuated that a former

South-West Governor was 'using a fake NGO ' to set him (Tinubu) up,

noted that; “No one needs an NGO or any organisation to set a

certified fraud like Tinubu up.”
Ojo-Lanre pointed out in a statement issued in Ado-Ekiti today that;

“rather than setting Tinubu up, he had already made himself a prey for

the law enforcement agencies going by his past dubious and fraudulent

His words; “It is a common knowledge that it was not the former

South-West Governor that Tinubu is now acussing of trying to set him

up that pushed him (Tinubu) to tell lie that he attended Government

College, Ibadan.
“Was it the former governor that made Tinubu to commit forgery and

perjury by lying on oath that he attended University of Chicago?

“May be the same former South-West Governor was the one who forced

Tinubu to operate foreign accounts where drug money was laundered?

“Is it not an open secret that Tinubu's political popularity was built

on lies, fraud and other sundrty crimes, which are hunting him since

he no longer enjoys any immunity?”
Ojo Lanre, who called on the relevant law enforcement agencies which

are in custody of Tinubu's criminal case files to swing into action

and make him pay for his numerous crimes, pointed out that “no former

South-West Governor is using any fake NGO to set Tinubu up. Rather,

his horrendous past is hunting him.”
“In a sane clime, elements like Tinubu would by now be behind the

bars. But it is a pity that a man who perjured, a man who is a serial

forger, a man who swore to false affidavit could still be gallivanting

over Nigeria, priding himself as champion of democracy.

While urging anti-graft agencies in the country, especially the Code

of Conduct Bureau (CCB) not allowed themselves to be intimidated by

Tinubu and his likes, the former governor noted that; “The whole world

are watching to see how a man who only used the immunity clause to

escape prosecution five years ago has not been made to face the law

now that he no longer enjoys immunity.”