Why I Am Dating King Of Area Boys Sikiratu Sindodo

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Tayo Odueke needs little or no introduction in the Yoruba genre of the Nigerian movie industry. Her superlative character interpretation of a way-ward girl in the popular flick 'SIKIRATU SINDODO' is what really catapulted her to fame. And today 'Sikiratu Sindodo as she is fondly called by her friends and fans remains one of the very few highly gifted young actresses who are making waves in the Yoruba movie industry. Not too long ago the busty Creative-Art undergraduate of University of Lagos has been swimming in controversies and her current relationship with Mc Musiliu Oluomo, popularly known as the king of Area boys now a source for debate in and outside the movie industry. In this interview with Kazeem Popoola, the lively screen siren opens up on her career, her new movie, relationship with Mc Oluomo of Oshodi, plus other interesting issues.
You've been a prominent face in the Yoruba movie industry, since your debut role in the popular flick “Sikiratu Sindodo. How has it been?
It's has been good so far, apart from controversies around me, I think with God I am okay.
How do you feel about the controversies?
Before I used to feel so bad, but now I think it is part of me. I do no longer care about how people feel or what they say about me.
Do you actually think that you have all what it takes to remain in the industry?
Yes! Because I still have my job going on.
With your good spoken English, some people could have preferred you to be in the English genre of the Nigerian home videos?
I actually started with English home videos, and have enough opportunities in such film, being a Yoruba girl I did not, because most of the actors and actresses of the English home videos are Igbo. Any way I enjoy what I do with my own people, but if I was invited to act in English home videos, I will be very glad to work with them.
What were your expectations when you are coming into the movie industry?
I wasn't after stardom, but eight years ago, when I started acting, I love acting and now my fans are the ones who make me feel like a star. I thank God for everything.
Let's compare controversy and stardom. How can you separate the two?
Both go together. If you are nobody, no one will talk about you, once you are a star or celebrity, people will always like to know what goes on in your private life.
What has happened to the serious relationship you said you were in when interviewed few years ago?
I can't really remember but I am getting married soon.
You are now linked with the popular king of Area boys Mc Oluomo of Oshodi. How did you meet?
(laughs) which one be that now? We met the same way couples meet
And the journey has been so good?
Yes! (Laughs) so good, he actually bought me a jeep, that's not news anyway. My husband is a very nice man, he buys cars for people.
What do you really like most about him?
He is my baby o! (Laughs) I really love him, he is too nice, God fearing, though he could be a naughty boy, he's okay.
How do you feel dating an area boy?
When people say that, it really annoys me. But there is nothing I can do about it any way and I cannot deny the fact that I am dating him. I don't like that name “Area boy', it pisses me off, but I don't care some people do call me on phone to insult me, call me names that I am dating an area boy. I don't let all that worry me.
Was it because you are madly in love with him or what?
Yes! I am in love with him, if not we would not have kept the relationship till this time.
So how long have you been dating?
A year and six months now.
What do you fore-see in the relationship?
Everything is left to God; I want the best out of it.
What really distinguishes you from other Yoruba actresses?
That's meant for people out there to say, but I know myself.
Let's talk about your personal productions…
My first film was Imado, then Eta, Ojo ru, Abanida and I have featured in a whole lot of films that I cannot even remember.
The film 'Sikiratu Sindodo' really projected you well in the industry. What is your relationship with the producer?
There is no time I will talk about myself that I won't talk about the film and Yemi Sounde the producer. I did not know him from anywhere before he called me to pick up the script for the role. Lots of people wanted to play the role but he insisted that I should play the role. I thank him a lot and the film actually won me an award, precisely seven years ago now.
Let's talk about your new film coming up soon?
The film is titled “Apere”. I actually produced and acted in the film which also featured the likes of Akin Lewis, Aremu Afolayan, and so many other people.
The story line….
I don't want to talk about it, just wait till the film is out, so that you can enjoy it.
How much did you spend on the movie?
It cost me huge sum of money (laugh) but I don't want to disclose that because I don't want to be robbed.
Will the film be different from all others that we've been watching?
Yes! It's fantastic with a unique story line, clean pictures and the rest.
Your beauty routine?
Do I really have any beauty routine? I make my hair every week. Used Mary K products, I love perfume a lot and I love beautiful clothes, jewelries,.
I can see a silver tooth. Have you been to Mecca or is it for fashion?
Yes! I am an Alhaja. It's not easy now (laugh) I went to hadji for four weeks, to thank God for all the things he has done for me and I went to pray for more so that beautiful things will continue to happen in my life.
Apart from Mecca, what other places have you been to?
I've been to Durblin, Dubai and I am going to London very soon.
Snatching of husband and boyfriends is an in-thing in the movie industry. What can you say about it?
I don't know anything about that. Do they say that I snatched somebody's husband or boy friend? Right now some people are sleeping with my husband, but I don't care (laughs) they should stop doing that it's really bad, it's not nice to be sleeping with other people's husband. (laughs)
Are you now saying that you are not bothered if other women are sleeping with your husband?
It bothers me but I don't care. They are just messing-up themselves they can only sleep with him, collect money and they go. They can't do that in my presence.
Are you now saying that you have a special place in Oluomo's heart?
I know that my husband loves me and I love him too.
What really swept you off your feet about him?
I don't even know, the guy is just too nice.
Despite the fact that he is a man about town…
Hey! (Shouts) my husband likes women o! but I like him. I just don't know what to say.
You keep referring to him as your husband despite the fact that you are not legally married?
We've done one little thing. Why did you want to know everything? (Laughs)
So, when are you getting married properly?
Oh! (Shouts) very soon. We are going to call you people to witness it.
How do you unwind?
I am an homely person, I don't go out but sometime I do go to parties with my husband. I attend any party Wasiu Ayinde is the musician because my husband is number one fan of K-1. I neither smoke nor take alcohol, I'm fun to be with but I am a moody person. I do switch my mood.
Any regret as an actress?
No! I love this job and my husband loves it as well. Nothing can stop me from acting, but I am going to take a break when I become pregnant.
But it was reported that you are heavily pregnant sometimes ago…
Please help me ask them o! They keep saying nasty things about me but I care less about it. Pregnancy is not something that you can hide, people will definitely see it. They should keep their fingers crossed, they are just going to see me with a baby one day because when I am pregnant, I am not going to stay in Nigeria (laughs) I am going to Yankee! So that nobody would see me. (Laughs)
If God eventually answered you prayer, which sex would you prefer as a child, Actually, I want twins, a boy and a girl. I've told my husband that I want six, at a time because I want to break the record in Nigeria.
Love and sex are part of relationship. Which one do you think make the relationship work better?
It's not sex o! It is love and when you are submissive to your husband. That's how you can win a man. But if you think it's sex, he is going to get tired of you one day.
You've not been into any marriage before, so how did you come about the experience?
I do movies, I read scripts and novels. I know what is happening but people are saying different things that I am dating a man who had already had three wives.
I could get married to a single guy and he's going to get married to two more.
How can you define a good actress?
I don't know but some people believe they can learn how to act. For me I didn't learn how to act, it's innate.
Any memorable moment.
I have one bad moment but I can't say it, but my closest friend now is Fathia Balogun.
But there was a controversy that you are sleeping with her husband, Saidi Balogun?
Yes! But she knows that I was not sleeping with Saidi Balogun. It was some people that took the news to her
What about your other boyfriends before you are hooked with Mc Oluomo?
I was not dating anybody before I started dating him.
Are you claiming to be a virgin before now?
No! I was not a virgin. I have a ten years old daughter before I met him.
And you wouldn't mind if he has three more wives?
I don't mind but he is not going to marry any one more apart from me.
What can you say about the Yoruba movie industry?
We are really progressing. It's just that we are not really making any money. It's only when you produced that you will make more money. This is because we always work like one family. It's just the marketers.
It seems the marketers are frustrating most of the producers?
They are not really frustrating us. They are trying because I'm still selling my movies to them till today.