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Uche Jumbo
Uche Jumbo
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When she announced to whoever cared to listen that she was leaving her plum bank job to take on a full-time acting career in the Nigerian motion picture industry, many thought she had gone nuts but today, Uche Jumbo is not only a household name, she has come to represent an example of determination personified. In this chat with AHAOMA KANU, she opens up on some intimate parts of the Uche Jumbo many do not know.

How Romantic is Uche?
Uche jumbo is just the girl next door. I try to be as real and natural as I can and also as glamorous as I want to be. I don't believe that acting should change who you are. I don't think that you have truly loved if you have not been heart broken once or twice. Its part of living. But the miraculous thing about the heart is that it always bounces back whenever it happens; you don't even know when it heals. I don't date a man for dating sake. I won't say I am a sucker for love but I am romantic. People around me kept disturbing me go and get a job.

First crush
My first crush was with my neighbourhood kid; all the girls were all over him. He was handsome and I was already dating him in my dreams. Eventually after a long while, he toasted me and I just did not hang out with him because he was not as fine as he looked any more. I guess that is why they call it crush. I wasn't playing hard to get though I had been waiting for him to make the move for over a year and then suddenly he was toasting me. It still a shock to me I guess that's why they call it crush.

I was very restless as a child. I did everything a teenager did for fun and even more. I couldn't sit still for long. I was stubborn and strong-headed. I did a lot of things teenagers do for fun and even exceeded but I have no regrets or apologies for those years. Part of my growing up is responsible for the woman I am today. I knew I was a girl but then I wanted to be more than a woman.

Falling in love
The first time I genuinely fell in love was not too long ago and at a point I felt there people that could go through life without actually experiencing real love. I have experienced it anyway but I used to think it never existed. The truth is you can't control who loves you or who you want to love; the heart doesn't work that way. I am talking from experience. You could see somebody that loves you today and you feel no emotions for the person and you ask yourself, why can't I love this person. Love between a man and a woman is accepting that there is no perfect being. So when you say that you truly love somebody you have to be willing to accept that person's imperfections. I don't think I am type-caste.

My perfect Man.
I have a relationship and for the past two years or more I have been saying this. What's there to unveil about him? Let people think, everybody has a right to think. He should have neither a thriving business nor a thriving career. It's not necessarily about money and again, he is not intimidated by my success. He has so many things going on his life like I have. It is when the reverse is the case that they start looking into yours but when two people have a lot going on in their lives there is no time. I am busy but I create time. You have to work hard for a relationship and as an actress, I have to work extra hard and I think the secret is finding somebody whose ideas are close to yours so that there is a meeting of minds. And they there is respect which basis for any relationship. There must be respect; love is something that grows on you. You could just be dating somebody for dating sake and one morning you just wake up and you are in love. And you don't even know how it happened. Ever girl has an idea of who a perfect man is and most time you don't get it and that's part of life. My guy has to be intelligent. He has to have a lot going on in his life so that he won't be swept away with the lot that is going on in my life. I am not talking about him being a man and not have money. He should have prospective career.

Future Family.
I am looking at two kids.

Dating an actor.
Yes I could date and actor. Maybe I have dated one and maybe not

Most painful experience
My dad's death is painful; I don't want to recollect. He passed on in 2000. I was a tomboy so I was very close to him. I don't want to talk about that experience. I was the third child. Please let's talk about pleasant things. Yes it was painful and I don't want to recollect. We were nine kids. My mum is a strong woman. I wanted to be like her when I grow up. I believe she is the most determined woman I know.

Sexual harassment.
Sexual harassment is a global thing. It is in every sphere of human endeavour. You are talking about adults and they are he mot difficult people to handle. You cant control adults. If two people want to have sex who are you to stop them. As far as I am concerned it is a non issue. It is sad that it is being narrowed to Nollywood. I don't understand and it saddens me but I would rather you judge people individually because we have descent people in the industry. It happens in everybody career.

Secret to success
The secret to my success is consistency and God. I have attained this level because of
I consider that I have not acted my most challenging movie; I take anyone that comes my way as very challenging.

Beauty Secret.
The secret to my beauty is simple. I don't have a special beauty routine but when I am not shooting I make sure o don't wear make up so that my face can breathe. When I am not shooting I make sure I wear less makeup so that my face can breathe. In the environment I work there is so much make up and light and its not friendly for the skin so when I am not working I don't wear heavy make up. I avoid make up. I don't smoke cigarettes or marijuana. If I did I would rum mad.

I get my inspiration from my environment.

I am not into body piercing. I don't like body mutilation but if you wear tattoo and its cool for you fine.

Nollywood has grown beyond Nigeria. It is no longer just our thing. Even whites recognize us out there.