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Accra , Ghana (February 2, 2011) WIZ Media, operators of Joblinks Newspaper have launched a new website, a site aimed at delivering e-driven Human Resource support solutions with a determined leadership, defined mission, and a qualified and unified team. The primary objective of JOBLINKS NEWSPAPER is to serve as a bridge between employers and job seekers; providing each side with real-time and constantly updated information it needs about the other.

The new website combines a comprehensive listing of fresh jobs, news, events and all happenings in the recruitment industry. “The site will be of tremendous value to jobseekers, employers, entrepreneurs, business professionals and small businesses. “This is a cutting edge internet site far superior to anything in the market” said William Addai, Managing Editor of the Newspaper. “We expect tremendous improvement in the job search industry, through our convenient user-friendly website”

Joblinksgh offers a number of online advertising opportunities, with a wide range in terms of format and placement. For example, banners (animated or static), video and mobile advertisements, featured contents, text links in email notifications, etc. All these can be placed on the landing page or in specific sections of the website Joblinksgh, present effective advertising and marketing opportunities for advertisers who seek to target this specific market.