Desmond, Monalisa and Emem Isong coming out with “Okon Lagos” Soon.

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The synopsis

Okon, a down-on-his luck hunter from the backwoods of Akwa Ibom, comes to Lagos in search of glory and wealth. Soon, he finds that his crude ways have no place in the city. Will Okon, like a true hunter, survive in the concrete jungle that Lagos is or be lost in the wilds forever. OkonLagos is a comedy that will keep you laughing from start to finish. Though slap stick, Bassey a retrenched lecturer who won't forgive the government for laying him off, provides an intelligent balance to the story. Follow the progress of Okon as he struggles to keep afloat in lagos


Monalisa Chinda
Monalisa is a diva in every sense of the word. Delightful. Interesting. Vivacious. Alluring. An actress of uncommon grace, Monalisa breathes life into her roles and lets you know why she is an actress to be reckoned with. In OkonLagos, she plays BAssey's wife who is frustrated with Bassey's constant complains about Nigeria.

Ime- Bishop Umoh
Bishop came into the industry unannounced and has since taken the industry by storm. He is much loved by fans particular from Akwa Ibom and Cross river and in this movie, he promises to endear even more fans.

Esther Eyibio
Esther is the next entrant to the industry. She studied at Royal Arts Academy and is determined to build a career in the industry. In this movie, she plays the sexy cook whose beauty Okon can't resist.

Moses Armstrong
Moses Armstrong is no stranger in Nollywood, particularly in the world of comedy. From his Stellar performances in Kolomental to Uyai, he has never disappointed, In OkonLagos, he takes his career to a whole new level in his role as the retrenched lecturer with a big grudge against Nigeria.


Desmond Elliot
Desmond is a multi-faceted individual that has evolved from a model, actor and now metamorphosed into a director. A Nollywood stalwart that has acted in over 100 movies, his understanding and experience in the craft has made him a consummate actor and detailed director. Desmond cut his teeth as a director in 'uyai' which was a major success. Since then Desmond has continued to rise and rise as a director with all his movies becoming major hits. Some of his directorial credits include: Guilty Pleasures, Edikan, Bursting out and the much anticipated soap: Catwalq.

Uduak Isong Oguamanam holds a first degree from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and a masters degree from the university of Leicester, UK. She writes short stories and screenplays. Her short stories have won international awards including the commonwealth short story competition. Oguamanam has written several Nollywood screenplays including the highly acclaimed 'Bursting Out'. Uduak attended the Berlinale Talent campus, Berlin on the strength of one of her screenplays 'Unfinished business'. Her other screenplays include: A piece of flesh, Ekaette, Edikan, Timeless passion etc. She also attended 'the hands on directors' workshop' at Raindance, UK. In 2010, she cut her teeth in directing with a short film 'To live again' which was initially written as a short story and published in Farafina Magazine. Uduak believes in the use of Nollywood as a powerful tool for social change because of its large audience. Her short film: To Live again focused on HIV stigmatisation. It was made in a bid to create a paradigm shift in the viewers' mind. To have them replace their contempt with compassion, their hatred with love and their ignorance with love. Edikan, which she wrote and co- produced with Emem Isong and Desmond Elliot was made as an attempt to educate and inform parents on the ills of the menace of labelling children as child witches with a view to eradicating it. In partnership with steppingstones Nigeria, several copies of EDIKAN were distributed free of charge in Akwa Ibom state. OKON CALABAR, however, her first solo production is a comedy.

Producer Extraordinaire, Emem Isong has continued to blaze trails in the field of film making in Nigeria where she holds forte. With so much success in NOllywood, it was only fair that Emem became a mentor. She has mentored Uche Jombo, Ini Edo and Mona Lisa Chinda as they took a major step in their career by becoming producers. In OKon Calabar, Emem contributes her experience and knowledge to the production.

ANSA Kpokpogri
Ansa Bassey Kpokpogiri is a director and producer who has worked on not just movies but documentaries, reality TV, commercials, docudramas, soaps and features. She has worked with crew from Nigeria, London, and Los Angeles. She has assisted directors like Jeta Amata, Desmond Elliot, Lancelot Imasuen and producers like Emem Isong and Fred Amata. She has worked with High Defination Cameras, REDs and celluloid. She is quite versatile and creative. In OkonLagos, she assists Desmond Elliot.