Open Letter to Ambassador John Campbell; Who's Bidding and in Whose Interest?

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Whenever one reads Ambassador John Campbell provocative but still thought invoking write ups about Nigeria, he has always ended it with the title 'John Campbell is a former United States of America Ambassador to Nigeria. Out of curiosity I decided to check the internet to find out about the former ambassador before putting pen to paper. Information about John Campbell in Wikipedia has it that he was born in 1944 in Washington DC in America.  

  He was the former Ambassador of the US to Nigeria from 2004 to 2007.  

  Since John Campbell was born in 1944, that puts his age conservatively at 66/67 years. By all standards he is suppose to be a pensioner and an elder whether in Nigeria or even in America. Being a John, I will assume he might be a Christian and is therefore just three years from the proverbial and biblical 70 years. Any man or woman at 67 years ought to be filled with wisdom so says the elders.  

  I am taking the pain to go through the above preamble for my readers to understand my pain and bewilderment about John Campbell's satanic articles about Nigeria.  

  This was somebody who was in Nigeria for four years and enjoyed the best of our hospitality more so as a diplomat.  

  The question that is agitating my mind is that what does it profit Ambassador John Campbell if Nigeria should break up? What does it really profit Ambassador John Campbell if Nigeria should go to war along religious line?  

  Of what interest is it to John Campbell to instigate Christians and Muslims in Nigeria to go to war?  

  Which of the cabals, clique or mafia groups does he belong to if I may ask?  

  Could it be that Ambassador John Campbell missed out on something in Nigeria? Could it be that he was part of the shoddy Halliburton bribe scandal? Only his conscience can answer all the above questions. But what is his interest in Nigeria really? At 67 years of age why he is instigating Northern Nigeria against Southern Nigeria? Why is he banging the head of Northerners against Southerners?  

  What will it benefit him if innocent Nigerians are killed in religious war or tribal war? At 67, I expect Ambassador John Campbell to be a man of peace, not a man of warmongering. As a former diplomat I expect the former ambassador to be a man who will promote peaceful co-existence amongst all religious and tribal groups whether in America or Nigeria. Men of 67 years of age are supposed to be role models to the youth.   They should encourage the youth to keep and promote the peace. In every society life is sacrosanct. There is no need to promote discord in one society on the pages of the newspaper.  

  It is true that John Campbell might have been disappointed that the PDP presidential primaries was peaceful and successful beyond his prediction especially after his first article which forecasted brimstone and fire. Nigerians have won the first round. In April and May 2011, we shall still win the second round. For this reason I single out General Babangida for praises for his statesmanlike action of congratulating Dr Goodluck Jonathan.  

  As Nigerians we all need one another whether you are from the North, from the Middle belt or the South.  

  Dear Nigerians, let us still put the doom pundits to shame.  

  We do not want Nigeria to disintegrate; all we want is a true and fiscal federalism.  

  Whatever doom pundits will want to happen, the 2011 elections will come and go, Nigeria will still remain as a nation. This democracy has come to stay. All these teething problems of ethnic and religious crises are the carryover of military regime mentality where on group thinks they can lord it over others.  

  By the time this democracy is grounded and people's constitution has evolved, all these problems would be sorted out.  

  Please Ambassador John Campbell, spare us your jaundiced and ill timed war mongering in Nigeria.  

  At 67, we expect you to promote peace globally not the least in a country that hosted you as an Ambassador for four years.  

  Remember 67 years is not 67 days Mr Campbell.  
  As a Christian that you are supposed to be, remember the Golden rule; 'Do unto others as you want them to do unto you' or better still 'Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Please love Nigeria as you love America Ambassador John Campbell.  

  Thanks for reading,  
  Ndiameeh Babrik.(