Omotola’s latest phobia

By Nonye Iwuagwu
Omotola Jolade
Omotola Jolade
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Omotola Jalade-Ekehinde still knows how to draw attention. Probably in a bid to cause more stir, the screen diva was late for a boat cruise organised by Encomium magazine in Lagos.

She could not join the other celebrities to sail and when the boat returned to base, Omosexy entered and told everyone who cared to listen that she was hydrophobic and that was the reason she did not join them.

But the same 'hydrophobic' Omosexy once took journalists on a boat cruise during her album launch.

Of course, a busybody could not help but say, “Instead of the chic to say she came late, she is saying she is hydrophobic. Na wa for this actress joo. Was it not in a boat cruise that she launched her album the other day?”

Anyway, the actress was looking deft in her yellow prom dress, which she complemented with a red chain. The chain, which was long enough to tether a horse, gave the actress no respite as she kept struggling with it for more than half of the time she spent at the event.