By Alonge Michael
Lola Akintola-Jimoh
Lola Akintola-Jimoh

Facts about the alleged amorous affair that was celebrated in one of the celebrity magazines in town last week have just emerged, the friends of the very beautiful widow, Omolola Akintola-Jimoh, wife to the late brother of the billionaire business magnate, Jimoh Ibrahim, have come out to defend their friends that the story is nothing but blatant lies on the mother of four children.

The character assassination report which conspicuously graced the cover page of the said publications is said by friends of Lola to have emanated from some enemies of progress whose jobs are solely to destroy and maim. Ife, the man at the centre of the story, we exclusively gathered has been with the late Barrister Akintola four years before his demise. After the unforeseen incidents occurred, the said 'obedient servant', Ife was said to have solidly stayed behind the family helping out in various capacities such as taking the children to school, shopping for the eatery outfit they run, driving the widow, Lola to places etc.

This obedient and result-oriented attitude of this easy-going dude, information has it, intensified the love and affection the entire household have for him. The closeness and love shown by the entire family including the mother of Lola and a few of her friends have now been taking for something else.

“Honestly, Lola is one humble and very decent character we love. I can stick my neck out and bet that the story is falsehood. During our masters degree in UNILAG so many well-to-do people asked for her hand in marriage but she never conceded to that. She couldn't have stooped so low to do a thing like that. It's very obvious that someone is just trying to discredit the loving-kindness woman.” A very close friend of the family informed us.

Meanwhile, some people in the know are saying that, a particular friend who was said to have been shown an exit door from Lola's house may be the one spreading this ugly rumour about the widow, Omolola Akintola-Jimoh.

This reporter cornered the Ife guy and he swore that no amorous feeling attached to their relationship aside the employer/employee's relationship. He also said that his boss had been so kind to him and that nothing on earth would make her forsake her at the this trying period. “Anybody can say anything; this woman is a widow who is trying very hard to sustain what her husband left behind.
It's cruelty for anyone to think that we are dating. God is watching us all, He will pay every soul according to his or her deed. That's all I have to say.”

All effort to speak to Lola on this matter was futile.