Princess and the other side of the Nigerian police


Damilola, the comedian popularly known as Princess, got to know the 'unfunny' side of the Nigerian police last week at Opebi, Lagos.

The poor lady was stopped by a policeman, a constable, and when she was trying to find a place to park, the policeman jumped in front of the car and still thinking she won't stop, grabbed her side mirror and broke it in the process.

When he got to know her identity, he was repentant but the other policeman, an inspector would not care.

In the midst of the argument that followed, the inspector slapped her face before the crowd that had gathered.

He even threatened to shoot her and drag her body to anti-robbery squad where she would be branded a criminal.

She did manage to get the policeman's names and number and according to her, the Lagos State Police Command has promised to take the matter up but she has vowed that even if nothing is done, she will take the case to her 'grandmothers' in the village who will avenge for her.

And, of course, she is not talking comedy!