By Adeola Ikuomola

With the two giant lips for mankind foes are born
With the two giant lips for mankind wars are born
It was easy to tame wild elephants with one word
When diplomacy was the first cousin to hostilities
Now here are the maddest days for smoking guns
Buried in our diplomatically challenged war-heads
To decimate our natural love, peace and harmony

With the two giant lips for mankind foes are won
With the two giant lips for mankind wars are won
Evil words from within the walls of the civil world
Devilishly rent our golden fraternal bond asunder
Civil words from within the walls of the evil world
Have bidden the four cardinal points to banquets
To celebrate our renewed love, peace and unity


Really no one desires more days
Much more than the dead ones
We all are nationally wounded
In the fractured fraternal fracas

No one desires more refreshing joy
Much more than those mourners
For we all are caught up in the web
Of sensational sectional stampede

Let us liberate our trapped eardrums
From the discordant war sing songs
Now that our future is well secured
In the storehouse of national rebirth

No one can play the national organ
More skillfully than those amputees
Now is the time to sing our anthem
Across the posts of our landmarks

Indeed nobody deserves the crown
Much more than those beheaded
For we all are maternally fashioned
Under the same paternal moonlight


They emerged from the thick forest
Like soldier ants marching to battle
Their sharp teeth glittered like gold
Yet buried in their throat was blood.

The blood of our blood relations
Rationed over their breakfast table
For they fastened their accursed teeth
Firmly on our souls delicious livers

Their elephants blew their trumpets
And trampled upon our landmarks
We sought solace in the dark hovels
Like bats fleeing from the sunrays

They thundered across the clouds
And buried our sun in their pocket
Their rain gave birth to a monster
That uprooted our ancestral taproots

We were dumped into a sharky ocean
The fish had our limbs for breakfast
We swarm ashore into the crooked arms
Of the weather-beaten and bloodless crabs


Oh, where are you tonight my beloved brother?
Where is the bond that once bound us together?
Even right from the womb of our sweet mother
Oh, where is the warmth of your brotherly arms
With which you nursed me when I was but a child.
That also led me out of the silent hours of infancy.

Oh, the night gets thicker and thicker around me
The deadly beasts crawl out of their hot hideouts
Prowling and seeking for flesh livers for breakfast
Even the sky has hidden the moon and the stars
From the threatening claws of the thunderstorm
Oh, where are you to see me through this night

Oh, a tree has fallen down not far away from here
The thunderstorm has marked many more to go
Between here and the world beyond is just a step
How weak and weary are my hands and my feet
Yes, I need you here tonight my beloved bother
Please take the fraternal step now and save my soul

Oh, let go, let go, let go tonight my beloved brother
Yes, let go the burning anger in your wounded heart
In childish foolishness the wicked deed was done
That broke your tender heart like embattled clouds
Oh, let go, let go, let go tonight my beloved brother
Or let me go away with sorrow buried in your heart


The night had conquered the wearied landlords
And cast their mangled remains into the caves
Darkness led the gagged souls into the dreamland
To learn the rich art of quietness and creativity

I wandered through the filthy town-square
That was once the glory of our motherland
My heart bled at the sight of the aching souls
Searching for their breakfast from the dung heaps

The four cardinal points held a meeting in my soul
When I took a reflective look at the white elephants
Holding the key to the abundant riches of the land-
I heard seven thunders debating blindly in my system

I heard the hungry cocks crowing in the iron cage
To awaken the ribcages to meet with the vultures
Knocking at the distant door of another morning
To renew their lordship over the sons of the soil

Mention it Noah to renovate his Holy Ark tonight
For my tears shall overrun the conquered landlords
In sympathy with the moonlight buried in the dark
To enrich the briefcase of the nocturnal creatures


The crowned prince
In the rosy palace
Bouncing like a lion
In the thick forest

The golden clapper
In the diamond bell
Like a furious a tiger
In a flaming furnace

The silvery maiden
Swimming in the lake
Setting men ablaze
With transparent nudity

The fresh lightning
In the frying pan
Leading men astray
In the dreamland


They eat deep into our tubers of yam
Under the covers of thick darkness
The infernal darkness of mass corruption
That keeps us encapsulated in poverty.

They tortured our twinkling starlets
And couched upon our bright moonlight
They buried our heads in thick thunderclouds
And welded our day and night like Siamese twins

They sought our hands in holy matrimony
And led our souls to the altars of violence
The skulls and the rib cages of the late soul mates
Thunder deep across the flaming city-square

The once haggard-looking and starving rodents
Bounce gallantly in the wreckage of our barn
To raise the volume of our communal lamentation
And thicken the deep tears in our eardrums


They have come here again tonight
And how far apart we are
Is the question mark in their broken shadows!

They have eaten too much tonight
And how hungry we are
Is the question mark in their scarce crumbs!

They have drunken too much tonight
And how thirsty we are
Is the question mark in their recycled cans!

They have slept with mixed mistresses
And how sleepy we feel
Is the question mark in their conflicting dreams!

They were sick, dead, mourned and buried
But how peaceful their squandered end is
Lies with the brawling morticians and surfeiting mourners!


Now is the time to peep through the pinholes
To search and embrace the Holy Scripture
It has kept many willing hearts purer that snow
In the miry estates of the grumbling swines

Now is the time to part with the heavy eyelids
And uproot the dew decked evil eyebrows
They have kept us wandering in the dreams
In the dark estate of frightening nightmares

Now is the time to refrain from bloodshed
That has made our ways dark and slippery
For all that the devil has failed to do in hell
Our youthful hands he has engaged on earth

The smoky arms rely on bloody arms to reign
Rinse the bloody arms in the Lamb's blood
Those stainless steel smoky arms shall decay
And lasting peace shall descend on the land

Now is the time to engage the repentant arms
Gainfully in the army of fruitful entrepreneurs
But how transparent are our standing parents
To make transchildren out of our trashchildren.


Worms shall be worms no matter the times and seasons
On the dry bones and within the choice pounds of the flesh
It is their grand nature and culture like the vulture to venture
Into meals that have their origins rooted in flesh and blood

Heavyweight boxing champions and clever moneychangers
Went wild and dispersed a brilliant star into the eternal room
They have elongated widowhood and multiplied orphanages
They have double-clicked our pupils for endless rivers to flow

Liver remains their target no matter the heights and depths
Internally and externally our remains remain their domains
It is their grand culture and nature like the vulture to venture
Into meals that have their origins coated with flesh and blood

We lost two loud speakers to the plagues of letters and gold
Our national anthem is mimed within the confused chambers
Tapeworms, hookworms, flat worms, roundworms, pinworms
Desecrated our moral, economic and socio-political systems

Fat remains their birthright regardless of the human resources
Our spinal cords cannot withstand their man-made mandibles
In exchange for our confused loyalty they dislocated our joints
Like the old vultures venturing into the pounds of bloody flesh


Those are my jewels
Clipped on my towels
Spread in the bowels
Of the dewy morning

Those are my barrows
That the wind borrows
Along the deep burrows
Of my poetic campaigns

I engaged my inky word
Against the sea's world
And rested in the ward
Above the thunderclouds

Now I feel very light
In the morning light
When the rays alight
From their chambers

This is my cover story
Of God's eternal glory
From the upper storey
I compose songs of praise