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Talent Street Africa ready for airwaves By AZUH AMATUS Friday, January 21, 2011

By NBF News
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This New Year, a scintillating and breath-taking TV programme that will definitely hold viewers spellbound is set to debut. From the stable of pioneer Nollywood practitioner and respected entertainment consultant, Justice Atigogo, Talent Street Africa, according to Delta State-born Atigogo, promises to be explosive, entertaining and hugely rewarding.

In the words of the boss of Cerebral Consult, the programme which is due to debut on seven network TV stations soon, was painstakingly packaged to richly celebrate talents in all spheres of our daily lives as well as creating the needed platforms to celebrate those that are hidden and yet untapped.

He disclosed that Talent Street Africa is a 30-minute programme that has been spiced with captivating and enthralling interviews from established and talented Nigerians, to help inspire emerging talents.

'This is a specially packaged and designed TV programme that cuts across all sexes and ages, there will be monetary rewards and opportunity for winners at the end of every week's show. We are going to be on seven notable TV stations nationwide to help give viewers what has been lacking on TV over the years.

We've done it before on network TV, and we are back to do it again, even better with Talent Street Africa. It's a project that will definitely change the face and content of TV programming, in this part of the world, that I can assure you and viewers. Truth is that we cannot quantify talents in Africa.'

On how to participate, Atigogo, who co-produced and presented Arts Per se, the first arts magazine show on TV, alongside others such as: Expressions, Lyrics and Rhythm, Black Pearl and Meet Your Legislators, explained that those interested should send sms and describe their talents. 'The programme code would soon be made available to the viewing public.

'At the end of the day, our team of judges will decide the winners in each category of the talent exhibitions. And the least prize is half a million Naira, one million and 1.5 million will be won on a weekly basis.

'This show goes beyond singing, acting and dancing, we are out for talents from all corners and no age limit, so come display your talent,' added the Theatre Arts graduate of Delta State University.