Blakky spotted with new babe, denies affair

Blakky with new babe
Blakky with new babe
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Reggae musician, Edward Inyang, popularly known as Blakky, has been in the music industry for many years and many believe that he knows his onions when it comes to dancehall/reggae music.

He is one of the few musicians who are not associated with any scandal. Nobody seems to know who he is dating or whose heart he has broken.

Though many believe he is a bachelor, Life and Beat recently sighted him having a nice time with a chic. Has Blakky finally found his missing rib, was the question on many lips.

When Life and Beat asked the crooner if the chic in question was the love of his life, he chose to be evasive. “I don't know what you are talking about. She is an actress. She is just my colleague. Besides, we didn't come here together.”

Curiously they remained glued together throughout the event, holding hands and acting like they just found love.