Kate Henshaw tows the lane of Charity, supports Project Alert

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Kate Henshaw
Kate Henshaw
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Since winning the best actress at AMAA, 2008, screen star Kate Henshaw Nuttal has started thinking about giving back to society what she may have gained from it.
Recently she made a trip to Project Alert headquarters, The Shelter, dubbed Sophia's Place, tucked

Kate Henshaw-Nuttal some where on the outskirt of Lagos.

Project Alert is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) on Violence Against Women and Young Girls, violated widows, housewives and young girls who were already waiting for her visit. Their joy, it was obvious, knew no bounds as they were touched by the glorious presence, emotional hugs and soothing words of the actress

On the day of the actress' visit, some women victims of violation had just been discharged having had their cases treated.

Kate was hosted by Josephine Effah Chukwuma, project coordinator of the home who took her on a guided tour of the complex.

Speaking on her mission, Kate Henshaw-Nuttal said her passion for the right of women in a seeming man dominated society is undaunted.

“I want to work with Project Alert in whatever area it deems necessary. Because I have seen their involvement and passion for issues like this, for instance, when I was doing the Virginia Monologue (stage play) last year.

I relieved the opportunity to be part of an charity issue. I also had a chance to think about the charity when I was called upon to do an episode of Who deserves to Be a Millionaire, and they asked me to do another episode where I would have to donate to Charity.

But before then, a lot of people have said to me, why don't you start your own charity and so on, but I know that there are so many charity organizations out there fighting different courses and I felt that it would be better for me to partner or lend my support to one of them, especially the one that is doing some thing that I'm very passionate about.”

Kate also revisited the fact that she had been faced with a similar situation in the past. “I tell you, violence against women is something to which I say a big NO!

Because it is something I have experienced in my relationship many years ago and I will always want to speak out against it and always try to help and give strength to the woman.

I know in a society where women are treated like second class citizens; like she is not supposed to be heard, but just be in the kitchen, make babies and just be quiet. I am in a position of strength, being that I am a bit popular across some parts of the world so I would want to give my support to it.

So, it's a great pleasure for me to be part of this and in any way possible, I will render my support to Project Alert. This is my charity of choice, actually; this is where I'm going to be, for as long as I am alive.”

On why she would not float her personal charity outfit, she reiterated. “I feel that if there is proliferation of charity organisations and causes, then I don't think the need will be met,. So why not just finance and support the causes where people are already doing a good job? Join hands together, and that way it can be more effective.”

How would she describe violent against humanity; a slightly frowning Kate said, “It is something that silence has perforated. Because when it happens, you dare not speak about it.

It is something that is supposed to be taken as normal; It is seemingly right for a man to beat his wife, or for a boyfriend to beat his girl friend, such things happen, and people will say just manage, maybe it is something you did, you need to change your ways, or maybe your mouth is to sharp, or you are the one causing it.”

How have the women refused to help themselves? She noted. “Women are not being proud of themselves, Women, not believing that they are capable of surmounting obstacles as they face them; women not being able to build a career in whatever area they desire; women not speaking up, and contributing to the society as a the men.

Some are being made to stay in the house because they have children. Women bring children into the world, they make it expand for the next generation, so if you are a man and you put a seed into the woman, you should be able to support and make the woman grow. It has far reaching effects.
Will she produce her own films to speak up against violence against women and young girls?

“Yes! I don't personally produce my own films, but this is something that, I might look at along the line. But good enough, I have colleagues of mine, who actually produced a film entitled Freedom in Chains; it was about gender based violence.”