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NIGERIAN rapper, raw, renowned for his fusion of the Igbo language with hip recently released in second album titled Everything Remains Raw. While the first single off the album, strong and mighty remains is slowing filtering into mainstream market, Everything Remains Raw, Trends gathered sold 250,000 copies within three days of the album's release.

According to Raw's management, the growing sales of the second album was very encouraging, however they were not expecting an quick rise in album sales since they had not started any kind of radio promotions on the album.

THE management also stated that the fact that Raw was recording n encouraging climb in record sales without any measurable promotional campaign does not come as a surprise since his debut album followed the same trend in a way.

"Raw had monster hit singles like Obodo and Hiphop Gyration without any form of radio promo or music video. However unlike his debut, which did not record an impressive amount of sales owing to piracy, Raw's second album is already selling like hot cake even though his singles have not grown to become monster hits like Obodo was.”

“It only shows that he already has an established fan base that are very hungry to grab any material that comes from Raw. He is already a denim-god of some sort in the east," says a source close to Raw.

Unlike his debut album, Right and Wrung that was released under his independent imprint, RawDeal Entertainment, Raw's second album was released under another independent imprint Eastsyde Records owing to the artistes' decision to concentrate more on his recording career and shed some of the business workload. Already, a video CD compilation of Everything Remains Raw is in the works. Trends gathered that the rapper shot a majority of his music videos for the compilation in South Africa