By Tade Makinde
Faze in action
Faze in action
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The heavy rain in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Saturday, was not enough to stop the excitement generated in town by Star lager as this year's edition of Star Trek got underway.

First on stage was Diamonds band, who sang their hit track, “Tempted,” to the admiration of all. They were followed by KC Presh, who have obviously mastered the act of stage performance as seen from the reaction of the crowd. They came on forcefully to set the tone for the night as the crowd responded with loud applause and hip swaying.

It was the groups' best performance as they reeled out hits upon hits. From “Sengemenge” to “Anita” their current wave making song, but their most popular song on Saturday night was definitely “Sio Nkpo”.

This song is well known to the people of Akwa Ibom state and seeing the group, which has an indigene of the state in their midst for the first time, was an experience of a life time. They danced all night long, not minding the heavy down pour.

The atmosphere was already charged when Faze came along to serenade the crowd with “Kpokpotikpo”. He reeled out other very popular tracks and ended up with “Kolomental” and the crowd started screaming for more.

The night had been long spent and the rain was showing no signs of abetting but, the excitement had just begun when African China was introduced to them. Perhaps sizing the crowd up, he felt it was time to test his yet to be released new album. This was very dramatic and very political and he sang about politicians and their deceitful ways.

To crown the night was the gyration master, Tony One Week who confirmed his rating as one of Nigeria 's biggest entertainers. It was dancing galore until the first cock crow.