ACN Fashola's Lagos Hails Endorsement, Calls for Total Support for him.


The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress has Said That with the endorsement of the candidacy of the incumbent governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola, the party has shown That the Interests of Lagosians, Whom Fashola has served so well in the last four years is of paramount Importance to it. Therefore Urges the parties to Lagosians to support this great achiever who has positively changed the face of Lagos in three eventful years of result-oriented governance.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, the party leaders and party Spent the Faithful Especially the redoubtable leader of the party and governor emeritus of Lagos, Bola Ahmed Tinubu Asiwaju for this historical endorsement. That endorsement says it has put to shame Those Who Are Desperately Trying to provoke an internal crisis in the ACN with the hope of Benefiting from Such crisis.

"We the dexterity of the health leaders of ACN in Lagos in Reaching this important decision Which promises to facilitated the actualization of the dream Lagos as a mega city of opportunities and home to the largest concentration of Nigerians. We health Particularly Our indefatigable leader, Bola Ahmed Tinubu Asiwaju who has shown leadership in all he does to shepherd the party to an enviable position in the country today. We health Our party leaders all over the State for this wise decision, Which has thrown agent provocateurs of hunters and mischief in deep grief and has bolstered the value of ACN, not only in Lagos But Also The Entire Country Where The Party is now seen as credible alternative to the PDP's monumental incompetence and misrule.

"ACN is proud of Our Lagos governor, Babatunde Fashola who has shown the Possibilities That are still possible in the present Nigerian you with an excellent performance in Nearly four years in power and we see His present endorsement as proof That the ACN is all about the Interests and well being of the Nigerian people. We see His endorsement as an endorsement of Universally Acknowledged His wonderful performance as the governor of Nigeria's Most Important and critical state. We see His endorsement as a red card to purveyors of mischief who Were busy creating war zones in Lagos with the hope ACN Such scenario will aid weather beaten Their political aspirations. That we expect with the present development, These Should political profiteers rest Their ambitions and support to Fashola Lagos to transform a model city of Our collective dreams.

"The overwhelming endorsement of Fashola by the members and leaders of the ACN That shows there is no alternative to success. It Shows That For ACN, what counts is how one acquits Himself in public office even now That Has Been mismanaged governance to mean illicit acquisition of wealth at the expense of the people's welfare and Interests. We see His endorsement and the Manner it Came As Proof That Our country still has enough room for performers and as Fashola has Become The reference point in performance in this dispensation, he remains a great asset to the ACN's quest to lead a new order in governance Which has the people at the central focus of governance as We have seen in Lagos for the past twelve years.

"We call on all Lagosians to continue to support the regime in Lagos, Fashola and give it to Their overwhelming endorsement in the coming election. We urge Lagosians to use the next election as an opportunity to tell the whole world That They appreciate good governance and will be ever ready to support one WHERE They see it. We Want Them to partner in building the system to Fashola Every Nigerian Would you be proud of.