By Alonge Michael
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Have you ever imagined what the entertainment in Nigeria in another 10 years would be like with the crop of new entrants who have started dazzling all and sundry with their talents? Part of these rush, is the sensational rapper called T-Lyne the pretty daughter of Rich Rockers boss, Mr. Pee Bankonk, Titi Evenly who was a cynosure of all eyes at the 2nd edition of the Media Nite held a couple of weeks back at Page Bar & Lounge has just finished work on his first single titled, Panorama.

Panorama is like a landscape surrounded by flowers, tress etc the very brilliant Turkish International School pupil, T-Lyne may have been fascinated by nature to have dropped this lines.

“No! Panorama is about beauty. A place or scene surrounded with beautiful nature. I was inspired by God to do this because, I see His handy work on the nature and the people living therein.” She said.

But for his dad and mum, Oluwakemi who have been her pillar of support, this is a moment they have been waiting for because “right from the day she started writing, she's has been writing poems, songs etc. there was a time I was even telling her dad if she wont grow up to be a poet like Wole Soyinka etc but God knows the end from the very beginning, so when she said she wanted to sing, we can not but support her in achieving whatever she wants to achieve in life as long as it wont affect her education.” Her mother whipped up support.