By NBF News

By Chidi Nkwopara
Angry reactions have continued to trail the New Year eve bomb blast in Abuja, as all the respondents to Vanguard's inquiry described it as 'dastardly, unpatriotic, criminal, senseless and condemnable'.

A civil servant, Miss Toochukwu Opara, said: 'If not for sheer terrorism and wickedness, why would anybody willingly plant explosives that would terminate precious lives of innocent citizens at a time they should be celebrating? This is callousness to its extreme'.

She recalled with grief the bombs that exploded in Abuja when Nigeria was celebrating its 50th independence anniversary, adding that bombing the Mogadishu Military Cantonment's Mammy Market, Abuja, on New Year eve, was an indication that the criminals were not done yet.

'As at the last count, there have been reported cases of bomb explosions in Jos, Yenagoa, Maiduguri and twice in Abuja. These sad reports have raised issues of security of life and property higher,' Miss Opara lamented.

Reacting also, the President, Rotary Club of Owerri Metropolitan, Mr. Kevin Nwadike, warned that if this new wave of crime was not effectively checked now, it might spread like armed robbery and kidnapping.

'Nigeria has sadly moved from more tolerable act of pilfering to armed robbery to organized kidnapping.

'Today, the criminals have shifted to real terrorism, planting bombs in busy places. It is dastardly, unpatriotic and condemnable,' Nwadike said.

He reasoned that since the criminals in Nigeria were not only unrelenting but have also changed tactics, security agencies ought to come up with fresh and appropriate measures to tackle this new dimension to criminality.