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GOSPEL Hiphop artiste, Bouqui made her live debut with the Four Kornerz, UK's electrifying Gospel Hiphop band. In an exclusive performance, Bouqui collaborated with the band at a concert tagged "Live at the Court" on Fri 9th of May thrilling fans with hot singles from self titled debut album. The event also featured UK gospel acts like Electric Church, Philippa Hanna, Guvna B, and 29th Chapter.

Although there had been speculated reports that that rapper had sealed a mouth watering deal with a UK recording company, Bouqui has slammed all reports but however revealed that there had been some offers.

Bouqui who is currently on tour of the United Kingdom and enjoying a growing acceptance, is already recording songs for her new album aptly titled Sophomore. Although she has refused to disclose the label her second album will be released under, she however revealed that the album will be released later this year.

BOUQUI, born Bukola Folayan, one of her brand of music ministers to both the young and the old, especially those that would not otherwise listen to gospel mu